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How to run ios app on android

Well the question How to run ios app on android is not a thing that is impossible. As in our earlier guide of transforming android to ios, we already told you that everything is possible on android. From changing the density of screen to the complete 360 degree customizing of UI. We can change almost everything according to our needs. For example if we want to change the theme of the phone, we can do it without rooting. Or if we go advance and root our phone, then we can simply change whole user interface by flashing custom roms and mods.

Before we proceed:

I want to mention that we are going to use the ios emulator for android. There are two ios emulators which are mostly named when we search the term how to run ios apps on android. One is iEMU ios emulator and the other one is Cider aka cyada developed by the students of Columbia university.

About iEMU Emulator: It is the best ios emulator available for android phones. It’s supporting features are exceptional. You can run ios apps on android phone without caring about the app support. iEMU is user friendly and supports all type of gamepads including the xperia play gamepad. It requires android 2.3+ version and atleast 512 MB of Ram.

How to run ios app on android

About Cider Emulator: It is a project developed by six students of Computer Science. Basically it is a architecture or system of OS compatibility. It enables the user to run apple apps on android. It out performs other ios emulators in some tasks but overall it is not a complete thing. It is still in development stage and requires improvements. However it was never released for public.


Lets start our simple guide on how to get ios apps on android.

How to run ios app on android

Step#1: Make sure that you have enough space in your device as iEMU emulator takes 61 MB for its files.

Step#2: Download ios emulator for android apk file. And transfer it to your sdcard/phone storage.

Step#3: Now on your phone, navigate to the folder where you placed/downloaded apk file and install it.

Step#4: Now locate padiod app in your app drawer. And open it.

Step#5: Download ios apps files and start using apple apps on android tablet and phones.

The only disadvantage to this ios emulator is that it supports ipas and zip files only. Rest it is a wonderful opportunity for android users to checkout ios apps.

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