Kingo Root Review

Kingo Root Review: APK Download – All you need to know about rooting

If you are an android user and are facing some issues with your device, it is likely that a friend of you might have recommended you to root your phone. There are several rooting apps available to you, but only a few are worth using. Many apps will damage your phone and will either corrupt the files or won’t make it work the right way. Kingo Root is among the highly appreciated software when the topic is concerning android rooting. Here, we will provide you Kingo root review and what you need to know before rooting your device.

What is rooting?

Kingo Root Review

Android is an operating system for mobile devices. It is based on Linux and is supporting a sea of smartphones in the modern era. Some apps need to access certain parts of your operating system to work appropriately. By default, not all the apps have permission to access the root of the operating system. It is known as the ‘root’ access.

We all know that the operating systems provided to us come with certain limitations. Manufacturers or carriers implement these, and the purposes listed behind these are the ‘commercial concerns’ and ‘safety reasons.’

When you root your device, it means that you are modifying the original system in which you remove all the limitations and grant complete access to the apps. Therefore, the access is given to you by which you can replace or alter the system applications, change default settings, remove or replace the built-in operating system with the one that you like.

The Kingo Root Review

There are various procedures that you can follow to root your device. You can either connect it to your PC or do it by installing Kingo Root APK on your android. In fact, even if you are to do it with a PC, it is likely that you are not a Linux programmer and you need a software to assist the rooting process. Kingo root provides you applications for both Android and PC, and we will talk about both of them in this Kingo Root review.

Kingo Root APK Download

First up we have the Microsoft Windows application. The program has the highest success rate regarding rooting an android phone. The best thing about this app is that it supports almost all Android devices and versions.

On the other hand, for the users that need more convenience, they have the Kingo Root Android APK. You can directly download the APK file from the link given below, and root your phone without even connecting it to a PC.

Pros of KingoRoot

Any app comes with some pros and cons. Here are the advantages of kingoRoot:

  • It is easy to use
  • You can find many tutorials online that address how to use it for rooting your mobile appropriately.
  • The windows application has the highest rooting success rate.
  • The software provides rooting option for almost all devices and versions of Android.
  • The Android app is also available if you do not want to root through the PC.

Cons of KingoRoot

The drawbacks to using this software include:

  • It may not support your device
  • It may not support your android version
  • It can be destructive for your phone if you are unable to use it properly


Download Kingo Root APK

Kingo Root Review APK Download

Why should you root your phone?

The rooting is a process that gives you complete freedom to access all parts of your operating system. The manufacturers and carriers implement certain restrictions on users. It is mainly to protect them from doing something that can make their device unstable and prevent them from altering the system. However, it may be unwanted for particular reasons.

By rooting, you can enjoy free tethering, using apps like FoxFi Key APK, if your carriers have restricted it. Moreover, the carrier bloatware can also be deleted which means the apps that you do not want to use. Additionally, you get a chance to remove the ads from your phone. This can be achieved by installing adblocking apps that are not allowed previously. Or that may not work appropriately due to lack of access.

With the chance of backing up everything on your phone to a cloud storage or SD card, you can make sure that your data is secure. Also, the installation of custom ROMs can enhance the performance and battery life of your phone.

A good example is that if you run the LineageOS ROM on a Nexus 7, you get twice as much battery as your off-the-shelf Nexus 7. It gives you the freedom to install and delete any app you like, and you can run apps directly from your SD card. This helps to free the internal memory of your device.

Replace the widgets and perform UI tweaks on your own after rooting the smartphone.

Why should you avoid rooting?

The process of rooting can be illegal. It is true because some countries have legal restrictions on it and you cannot do so without the permission of your carrier. Moreover, rooting is a process that is not for everyone. Although we can say in this Kingo Root APK review that you have a one touch solution to root the device, still it can be a tough task. Specific devices have complicated the rooting process.

Moreover, rooting your phone may also mean that you are stopping yourself from getting the updates. Another problem that can occur is overclocking that can cause damage to your phone. Your phone will probably be wiped because of rooting.

Final verdict

So, this was all you need to know before you decide to root your android phone with a software. We sum up our Kingo Root review here. If you ask us, whether to root the phone or not, we’ll say that it depends on your needs and requirements. Also on what you are trying to achieve by rooting your phone.

It is always good to ask for the permissions so that you do not face any legal problems after rooting it. Do note that in most cases, rooting also voids the warranty of your phone. However, there is a possibility that you can revert the rooting process. And if it is successful, your carrier may not find out if the phone was ever rooted or not.

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