Linkstore for iOS 9 – Working 100%

Linkstore is one of the most installed cydia tweak among all tweaks that allow you to install paid apps and games for free. If you are looking for paid apps for free, linkstore for ios 9 is the best tweak you can get.

In a nutshell, Linkstore is a cydia tweak which adds an extra button in the AppStore which allows you to download and install paid apps from links other than AppStore.

Just like anything in this world, Linkstore also comes with some limits. Where many apps work in linkstore, there are apps that dont work. You can not get those apps, that got removed from AppStore. Like this screen recorder app is not available with linkstore.

Disclaimer: We do not support piracy in any way and recommed you to pay for the apps. Linkstore for iOS 9 is only to check the apps before buying it. If you end up using linkstore for piracy purposes, we don’t take any responsibility.

As you are here to get linkstore for ios 9, I have listed the step by step guide below and you can get working linkstore for iOS 9 without any issues. You do require AppSync to install apps with linkstore because they are unsigned apps.

Linkstore for iOS 9

  1. Open Cydia and click Manage.
  2. Now tap on Edit and then tap Add button.
  3. Enter following repository URL and save it. http://repo.hackyouriphone.org
  4. Now search for “LinkStore for iOS 8” without quotes. Yes it WORKS WITH iOS 9 without any problems.
  5. One you have successfully istalled linkstore for ios 9, perform a quick respring and now open AppStore.
  6. Search for any app or game that is paid and you will now see an extra button next to the Buy button. Tap on “GET WITH LINKSTORE” and linkstore will show you all the possible links from where you can get the app for free.Linkstore for ios 9.0.2 jailbreak

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your jailbreak. If you liked our tutorial on Linkstore for iOS 9, Perhaps you will like some of my others. Click here to see othe cool jailbreak tweaks. Don’t forget to share it with others if you found linkstore for iOS 9 helpful.

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