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Miui 7.1 Rom For Xiaomi Android Phones

Miui is the second most famous custom Rom for android phones after cyanogenmod. It comes as a default firmware in xiaomi devices. Miui 7 was released earlier for some devices but the company has just released the latest version of Miui 7 i.e, Miui 7.1 Rom For Xiaomi Android Phones on their official site.

This update brings the stability with bug fixes and additional security patches. In addition to performance, it also have changes UI to make the user experience more better and premium. You can read rest of the changelog by visiting this link.


There are two methods for which you can follow to update your xiaomi android phone. First one is basic and automatic while the second one is for those who didn’t able to update their devices by following the first method.


How to install Miui 7.1 Rom For Xiaomi Android Phones

First Method(basic)

Step#1: After downloading the update package, simply move it to internal storage.

Step#2: Now in updater app, select “choose update package” option and go to the folder where you moved update package.

Step#3: Select that update package and after confirming, the device will start updating process.

If the above didn’t work for you then:

Second Method(Manual)

Step#1: Download the latest Rom update package from above given link and move it to your internal storage.

Step#2: Open updater app and select “…” option. Now select “Reboot to recovery mode” to boot into stock recovery.

Step#3: After you’re booted into recovery mode, select “Install update.zip to system one” option and select the update.zip package from there.

Step#4: Now it will start its updating process and you’ve to wait for some minutes for its completion.

Step#5: It will reboot by itself after finishing installation. If it didn’t then simply reboot it by yourself.

Miui 7.1 Rom For Xiaomi Android Phones

Now we have two more bonus methods for installing this latest Miui 7.1 Rom on xiaomi android phones.

Bonus Method#1

If you somehow can’t able to install the latest update by above two methods, you can simply flash it by the fastboot method. The flashing process in this method is pretty simple and a newbie can perform it. So just head over to Miui’s official guide here.

Bonus Method#2

If all the above methods didn’t works for you or you want it more simple. Then simply download Mi Pc suite from above downloads section and connect your xiaomi device to pc. Now check for available updates in Pc suite.

All the above four methods are working and the different installation methods are only for making the installation process easy for users. Its up to you that which method you’d follow. That’s all from our Miui 7.1 Rom For Xiaomi Android Phones post and we hope that it’ll work for you as well. Be sure to hit share buttons. Queries and feedback are most welcomed. Thank You for reading.

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