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As the time passes by, The internet is becoming more and more accessible. The first and the most important concern on internet is regarding security and privacy. Your personal information is required to register a domain name. The worst thing about this policy is that your personal information is then made public.

Then there are whois scrapers which will scrape your email and contact details and spam you. Horrible, right?

Sure you can buy a whois privacy from your domain registrar but not even 10% of all domain owners buy that protection. This makes it easy to find all domain names registered by someone.

If you want to see all domains registered on an E-mail address or person name, now you can do the same. I always wondered if there is a way to find list of all domain names registered by someone.

Find all domains registered by someone

Requirements: An internet connection, atleast 1 domain name registered on victim’s email address without whois privacy and their email address.

You can extract their email address from whois.com, if you know their domain name.

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Steps to follow:


  1. Open whoisology.com
  2. Enter victim’s email address or domain name.
  3. Whoisology will list all domain names registered on their name and you can see the complete list.
  4. I recommend the premium plan if you really liked this service.

Disclaimer: This is just for educational purposes and we respect everyone’s privacy. Whoisology has its own separate database and because of that, the result may vary from a little to big margins.

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