Hack in-app purchases without root – Android game hacks

Most Android In app purchase hacks require root but today I will show you how to hack in-app purchases and games without root. Some of our readers asked us, is there any way to hack in app purchases such as games scores and coins etc.

Disclaimer: This guide is only for educational purposes and we don’t support piracy by any way. We recommend our readers to buy games and apps rather cracking and hacking them. Developers should get reward to their hard work.

How to Hack in-app purchases without root

In this tutorial we are going to use lucky patcher. Lucky patcher is very famous because of its functionality and some amazing features. Like you can hack Google Play store and download paid apps for free, remove licence verification from apps and games, hack in-app purchases hack game progress and many other incredible features.

 In this guide I will hack Subway surfers game but this will work any app and game. It doesn’t work online games like hay day, Clash of clans and 8 ball pool.

Step1: Download LuckyPatcher from the link given here

Step2: Go to Settings and navigate to security settings. Now enable installation for unknown sources. See image below.

Step3: Now install lucky patcher from downloads folder.

Step5: Open lucky patcher from app drawer.

Step6: Now select the app you want to hack. I am going to hack Subway surfers.

Step7: Select “open menu of Patches” and tap on “Create modified apk”

Step8: A popup will appear, select “apk rebuilded for inApp and LVL emulation”

Step9: Another pop-up window will appear where you have to check 2 boxes. Those are “support patch for lvl emulation” and “Support patch for inApp emulation”

Step10: Now just simply tab on button saying “Build The App”

Step11: It will take some time to build a modified apk. Once done, exit lucky patcher.

Step12: Go to settings and navigate to app settings. Now uninstall the app you just hacked in-app purchases of.

Step13: After uninstalling, Open you file manager and navigate to Android -> data -> com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.LUCK -> File -> LuckyPatcher and then inside modified folder you will see a modified apk file.

Step14: Install this apk file and you are golden

Step15: Open the app and try to make any in-app purchase and you will notice that the price in $0 for anything you choose.

Step16: Congratulations! You have successfully hacked in-app purchases.


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  1. How to hack zen pinball please.

  2. When I tried this the app says “Failed To Make Purchase. Please Check Your INTERNET Connection.” everytime even if my internet is working well.

  3. Can someone hack lords mobile if I give them my player name?

    1. Use freedom nothing better than it

  4. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly for the app I wanted. No other hacks worked for this app but this one did.

  5. does lucky patcher work for lords mobiles

  6. the app won’t open after patching……DISAPPOINTED

  7. For the episode app, the prices change but a screen with then pop up to say that there was a problem processing my payment and I need to call customer care. Has anyone seen this before and how did they get arround it?

  8. when i try to install the modified app it fails to install help

    1. iDontThinkSo says:

      yeah, the thing about hacking apps.. there is no ‘one app to hack them all’ #YouWinSomeYouLoseSome

  9. AdrianoCe says:

    Lucky Patcher is only good to hack some games that are singleplayer (not mmo) but mostly, the games it can hack are ugly too and plain boring. So, no, it’s not a very good tool, because it can’t hack any popular game or even mmo game. Good thing it’s free, it won’t be worth paying for it at all….. sadly. But it’s still a good attempt, that will probably yield some more powerful apps in the future. Apps that will bypass google pay easily. Till then, ….. flash games on pc are still the best thing to play and hack 🙂

  10. Michael Lewis says:

    I’m trying to hack into csr2. To get more gold and cash. Haven’t found a way to get it to work.

  11. Can it hack adventure town or demonic savior if can pls tell me how

  12. Scott Shiell says:

    I am trying to hack power rangers legacy wars and when trying to purchase items it’s saying that there’s an error, how do I get around that?

  13. I’m trying to hack episode but I can’t use lucky patcher because it won’t work is there anything else I can do or use?

  14. Lucky patcher installation problem resmi 4a

  15. Price became zero.. But buy it.. Can you suggest something.. Its LDOE

  16. Akbar Mirza says:

    I was looking for a working method to hack Traffic Racer and Clash of Clans this method worked on Traffic Racer but didn’t on Clash of Clans, whatever, that for this awesome method.

  17. Sipra Roy says:

    Lucky patcher cannot hack rising super chef 2 version 2.4.1..please help me to hack this game

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