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Best keyboard app for android 2015

Today I will review Emoji Keyboard – Cute,Emoticons app which I think is the Best keyboard app for android 2015. So first i will tell you guys that how to setup this keyboard. Once you download the app open it then you will be greeted with some buttons, tap on enable keyboard then check on cute emoji keyboard. Now go back and there tap on switch keyboard, select cute emoji keyboard from the list that’s it you are done.

Best Keyboard App for Android 2015

Now Let’s talk about its features. Its main feature is that you got tons of emoji and themes. This keyboard have a great collection of themes ranging from my favorite simple ones to colorful neon themes, which are pretty good. You can download any theme you want from 1000+ themes and for that open menu then go to themes, here you can find themes. Let’s say you want to apply a simple theme. Just select category then simply select the one you like then download the theme from the play-store Or if you want to try new awesome themes you can switch between tabs to find the right theme for your keyboard. Once you downloaded the theme, you can either open the theme to apply or you can go to local tab then apply the newly downloaded theme.then hit on play to test it out.

the Best keyboard app for android 2015

Now lets look at its second main feature emoji. if you use a lot of emoji then this is the best keyboard that you can have. Because it has a great, big collection of emoji, You can download new ones too. This keyboard packs thousand of emoji,symbols,text-faces,gifs and a lot lot of emoji arts more than you will ever find in any other keyboard. It is a huge collection you will probably never going to run out emoji with this keyboard.

You can download new emoji arts too.For that open keyboard menu, go to emoji arts here you can see emoji art that you currently have. Swipe to the left to bring up online art, where you will find emoji art collection that you can download. To download the one, tap on it then it will redirect you to play-store, from there you can download it. After that you can test the newly download emoji art by opening the emoji art section on the keyboard.

Another feature that I liked is top row emoji, with that you can input your favorite emoji quickly. Also there is a voice input button for faster text inputs and also there is swipe inputs which will be very helpful for those who type always with one hand. By tapping on this little icon there then swipe to the left to bring up quick responses, you can add new ones too. Another great feature is that you can customize every single thing of this keyboard and to do this, you first have to go to the menu itself then open wallpaper section. Here you can set background wallpaper for your keyboard. Select the plus icon to choose from the storage or capture your photo , then crop it and hit save. Now again tap on play to test the keyboard out. Swiping to the left brings up color in which you can change color of pretty much everything of this keyboard ranging from keyboard background, key color, to gesture trail color. I really like this feature. I hope you guys do as well. Again swiping to the left brings up font options where you can change font there are couple of pre-set fonts available but you are not limited to that you can apply any font you want. just download the font to your phone then open font options tap on the plus icon then select the font file that’s it And also you can change the font size by again swiping to the left. Next option we have here is top emoji, here you can change what to show in the top row. You can set it to show numbers or emoji or if you don’t like this features you also got an option to disable it. If you choose emoji to show up in the top row, you can customize which emoji to show up in the top row Just tap on it and customize.

Swiping to left brings up one hand option here you can change keyboard layout and alignment. you can align keyboard to the right or left or if you are like me you can set to thumb which was perfect for me. Next you have a option to show arrow keys and an option to re-size the keyboard. You also have the options to change the keystones, there are some pre-set ones which are really great, you can also create new key-tones if you want.

After you done all the crazy customization hit on play to test it out And overall it is the most customizable keyboard that I have ever seen in my life. Emoji Keyboard -Cute,Emoticons was pretty stable and smooth. So check it out guys its free And I can guarantee that you will never find more customizable keyboard than this one. This one is the Best keyboard app for android 2015, trust me so go ahead and download Emoji Keyboard -Cute,Emoticons from here.

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