How to hack email – Is it so Easy?

In today’s online world, your email is your identity online. No matter what you are doing on the world-wide-web, reading some “free” article, accessing some free “content” or anything you name it, the most important thing they are going to ask you is your email address. Today I am going to show you how to hack email address so that you can save yourself from getting hacked.

Hack email accounts using phishing

This article and the techniques mentioned here are strictly only for educational purposes and if you use any of the techniques, I don’t take any responsibility for what you do. Eventually government agencies will be able to track you and you’ll be in jail. So basically BAD things can happen to you.

How to hack email?

Getting back to the point, is hacking email is that easy and simple? Answer to this is No. Email hacking requires special skills, creativity and most importantly Patience. Below I have written different ways you how to hack emails to tell you how a hacker may try to hack your email or any other online account.


If you don’t know any hacking, you might be thinking that I made a mistake there and its fishing, not phishing. Actually you are right to a certain degree. The concept behind phishing is similar to fishing. In fishing you throw a hook in water with some small meat on that hook and when big fish comes to eat that meat, it gets trapped in your hook. Right?

Well in phishing you do the exact same thing but it is done all online, of course. Basically what the hacker does is He creates a login page which look exactly utterly same to original login page. Hosts that web page on an original-like domain name and then sends it to the victim telling that you’ll get some gift or whatever, if you verify your credentials.

Actually there is a script running on the hosting server of that phishing page and when the victim enters his credentials in the login page, the scripts saves those details in a database and the hacker can look into them anytime.

Sounds ridiculous? That is what it is. But don’t worry, Below are some quick tips to keep your email and other account safe from phishing.

How to protect your email address from phishing.

  • Whenever you login to your email account, always check the URL in the browser window to make sure you are punching your credentials in right place. If you find the URL wrong, such as or anything instead of original URL, DON’T LOGIN.
  • Try to avoid clicking any untrusted links online and if you see a webpage that is asking you to put your email address and password in, check the URL and don’t login.
  • You can try putting wrong password instead of the right one and if the page is a phishing page, you wouldn’t see any error and the page will redirect you to some other page. The reason why it doesn’t show you any error is because it does not know your credentials in the first place. If the login page is legit, it will tell you that you are putting wrong password.
  • If you think you have entered your login details on a phishing page already, change your passwords now and avoid using same passwords everywhere.

Fun fact: 70% of sent emails are spam. Beware of them as many spam emails are used to perform phishing.


The next way to hack email is by using a keylogger. A specially writter program which runs on victim’s computer in the background and sends all of the keystrokes to the hacker via email on scheduled basis. Afterwards the hacker can extract you login details from the information sent to him. That’s keylogger in a nutshell. The information sent to the attacker via Email can contain any sort of information.How to hack email using keylogger

In addition to hacking email, Hacker can copy files from your computer to his, see what you are doing, command your computer to do certain task or even take a picture of you from the webcam without even letting you know.

Are you scared after knowing about keylogger? No need to worry, we’ve listed important tips to keep your computer getting a keylogger and keeping your login data safe.

How to stay safe from keylogger email hacking attack

  • Never download any program or software from sources you don’t trust. There are many software sources that are legit but the developer of software can bundle up unwanted programs inside their installer. And once they are installed, you are required to go an extra mile to get rid of them.
  • There are hardware keyloggers rarely used by someone who has physical access to your computer and wants to hack your email. Hardware based keyloggers are small flashdrive like device which sits in between your computer and keyboard. Although they are extremely rare in this age of software, its doesn’t hurt to check out for the keylogger.
  • Worst thing about software based keyloggers are that they mask their presence to some software that you wouldn’t doubt or many of them completely hide and keep working in background. If you think you might have installed a keylogger in your computer, reinstall your Operating system from scratch. I know it is painful to install all the programs again but it is the best way to get rid of Keylogger.
  • Keylogger needs to be installed on your computer and if no-one uses your computer except you and you are very careful with the programs you download, then you don’t need to worry.

Fun fact: Majority of Internet traffic is generated by bots, not humans.

Social Engineering

Hack facebook account using social engineering

Now the name of this technique does include engineering in it for some reason. Many websites allow you to reset your password by answering one or more questions that were answered by you while signing up. Now these types of questions are very much related to your personal life,which is a bad thing.

Why? Cause those questions can also be answered by someone who knows you. In addition to that, if someone starts to get frank with you and get you in a discussion, he can then ask you the questions while you are in a discussion. Getting answers of the security questions from you, without letting you know the intention of the attacker, is called social engineering.

Good news is that security question has been acknowledged as a flawed way of resetting forgotten password, and many sites have started using phone verification. In this way you get a call or sms on your cell phone with a code that you have to enter to reset the password.

Hackers come up with different ways of hacking email address and social engineering is one of them. There are a couple of ways you can keep your email safe from social engineering.

Tips to tackle social engineering

  • Don’t answer the questions correctly while signing the account up and remember or note down that wrong answer some where just in case you need it. Now this may sound like stupid way to tackle social engineering but it works. Moreover this is the only way to keep the people from your email account that are close to you.
  • Social networks are made to get in touch with you friends and familiy. It is also used to meet new people, just stay conscious and don’t the security answers and you’ll be safe from getting your email address hacked.

These are 3 of the most used techniques to hack email. Obviously there are many other ways hackers use to crack the server security like Sql injection attacks. But those attacks are done on the servers and you can’t do anything to prevent those attacks. All you can do is to use toughest password your mind can remember.

For more in-depth insight into email hacking and phishing, I have attached a youtube video, by Eli the Computer Guy, to clear your concepts of email hacking.

Video tutorial

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