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Netflix free login and password 2016: Working Backdoor

Netflix is one of the most famous movies streaming service around the world. At first it was available only in limited countries but recently the CEO of the company announced its availability in 130 countries including Pakistan, India, Russia and the list goes on. With this addition, the 190 countries have now this amazing movie streaming service available. Netflix is not a free service, you’ve to pay after one month free subscription. This leads many students or the people who can’t afford, to search the term netflix free username and password or more specific like Netflix free login and password 2016.


What you get in top searches is totally a fraud and bullshit to get traffic from search engines specially Google. They are just spamming around with the keyword like Netflix premium account 2016. When you search any of their keyword, their links appears at top. They also mentioned that they are using free netflix username and password generator but actually this tool is also a big fraud to spread the malware in your computer.

Now you’ll be wondering:

what is the real and working method to get the free usernames and passwords for Netflix premium accounts then…?

Actually there is no method for it, the only true method is the working backdoor which we are going to tell you today. Before we proceed to the steps, first ask your self why you need this method ?

After enjoying the netflix free trial offer for 30 days, it costs $11.9 monthly which is okay for some people residing in countries like US, Canada and UK. But this can be expensive for the people residing outside of these countries as the value of dollar is very high in some countries.

Well if the above condition didn’t applied to you then its up to you whether you continue with this guide or not.

how to get netflix for free forever
Netflix Global Expansion Chart By Statista


Coming back to our topic which is how to get netflix for free forever. Actually we will be using the Gmail trick by the redditor. This trick is getting known day by day so why not we take advantage of it before Google blocks it. You must have a Gmail account in order to continue with this backdoor. If you don’t have then simply make a one.

In this trick we add characters and symbols to email which enables us to register again with the same Gmail id without getting recognized by the third parties. We will be using this only to avoid multiple Gmail accounts, otherwise you are free to create Gmail ids and then follow our backdoor.

So now lets move to the steps.

Netflix free login and password 2016

Initial Step: Get free netflix account and password

  • Go to and click on “Join free for a month” button.
  • Now in next window, select premium package and click on “Continue”.
  • Enter your Email address and password. Now click on “Register” button to proceed.
  • Now it will take you to the final step of signup which is adding billing details. Choose the billing channel and fill the boxes correctly.
  • Click on “Start Membership” to start netflix free trial offer for 30 days. netflix account free login

Now after one month this will expire and you’ve to pay for the next month or keep reading the steps to get the free netflix trial account with same credit card.

Final Step: The Real Deal

*Make sure that your trial period is still on before you proceed to the next steps. For example you perform the below steps before 30th day.

Step#1: Firstly login to your free Netflix account and click on the arrow at the top right corner of the screen.

Step#2: Select “Your Account” from drop-down menu there.

Step#3: Now in next window, click on “Cancel Membership” and it will take you to the next window. Netflix free login and password 2016

Step#4: Here, select the check-box asking you to agree with their cancellation terms and click on “Complete Cancellation”. free Netflix account 2016

Step#5: Now as your cancellation is completed, you’re good to go for another trial with the same billing details.

Step#6: Again repeat the same process to create netflix free account which have been told above. When you’re entering email, just add any character or symbol to use the same Gmail id which you used to create first trial account. For example, if your email is free Netflix account 2016 or etc. Simply add .(dot) between it and it will become like this, [email protected].

Step#7: And now continue with process. It is advised that don’t use the actual name or contact information again.

Step#8: Now when you’ll click on “Start Membership”, you’ll be surprised that you have successfully created the free yet premium netflix trial account again.

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly then you’ll be feeling like accomplished as you have finally founded a working guide on keyword like Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords. Which before take you to the links who just need your visits with fraud.

Just keep repeating the above steps to get free netflix trial accounts forever . Furthermore if you feel like that you can afford any of the three netflix packages, then simply group buy them. As netflix login and password share is allowed, so there’s no need to worry about membership ban/cancellation.


As we’ve accomplish our promised and the backdoor on Netflix free login and password 2016 is working for you. Its now your turn to execute the steps and share this guide on social media platforms so no one can be fooled by those fraudulent links. By sharing this, you’ll be helping the community to avoid getting trapped. Thank You for reading this post. Be sure to subscribe our newsletter when prompt. Keep visiting Revkid for more premium and authentic guides.

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  1. I don’t have a credit card rip!

  2. Anyway you slice it or fry it…it is called it worth it?? No

  3. Dorin Dragoi says:

    You must use diferrent credit card each time

  4. It doesn’t work, you need a different cc each time.. what a waste of time.

  5. Needing credit card numbers. Then I could suggest opening up an online Entro pay legitimately. There you ccan create virtual debit cards by topping up your account say 10er tops you create a card which costs nothing but to see a virtual cc number top it up from you wallet… Easy as 123

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