Vultr VPS review – Cheap in price only?

Today we are conducting Vultr VPS Review. Vultr is a cheap unmanaged VPS hosting provider with datacenters in 14 locations worldwide. You can deploy your VPS for as low as $5 per month or $0.007 per hour.

I will divide this Vultr VPS review into several sections so you can easily understand Pros and cons of Vultr VPS. First of all the pricing cause that is what you are giving to the Vultr.

Pricing review of Vultr VPS

Pricing of Vultr VPS starts from $5 per month and goes upto $640 per month which is great for every kind of customer. I have listed the pricing table below so that you can have a look in detail.

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Performance of Vultr VPS Review

The benchmarks are great way of determining whether a VPS server is delivering the performance you are paying for. Detailed IO, Bandwidth and overall UnixBench scores are given below.

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Pros and cons of Vultr VPS Review

Pros of vultr VPS:

Pricing starts from $0.007 per hour which means that you can deploy a VPS for a couple of hours and destroy it after you are done. You can also make snapshot image of a VPS, which is full backup of your VPS and deploy a new vps from same image when you need it.

All VPS plans are 100% KVM based which means you don’t have to worry about overselling. You get the performance that you are paying for.

All nodes are running on 10gbps blazingly fast internet connections. Which means that you can keep calm and forget about your website speeds. (Optimization is another thing)

[sociallocker] You know what location your hits are coming from the most, you can deploy your server in 14 different locations around the globe. List given below.

Although vultr VPS are unmanaged but they have a very user-friendly control panel with many 1-click install apps that help you get started without any command line knowledge. All you need to do is a click.

Bandwidth usage is also not counted for both outgoing and incoming bandwidth. What I am trying to say is, suppose you have used 500GB of incoming traffic and 700GB of outgoing traffic, only the greater is counted and utilized bandwidth. Means 700GB of bandwidth is counted as utilized instead of full 1200GB.

The best part, they give you $50 free credit for 60 days, to check their services before signing up. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can leave them.

Cons of Vultr VPS hosting

If you have a website with decent amount of traffic, you may have to go for $10 plan which can offend some users. Good side of the con is that you can signup for $5 plan and then upgrade on the fly without any downtime.

Support is the most importantly aspect of a hosting comoany for all of us. We always recommend unmanaged VPS to those readers who have atleast some knowledge of linux. If you are not a server geek, you may get offended because there is reasons unamanged vps is called unmanaged vps.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an unmanaged VPS that is cheap and powerful at the same time, look no further Vultr is you best bang for the buck. But, if you don’t have knowledge of servers or don’t have enough time to setup your server on your own, you should buy a Managed VPS. [/sociallocker]

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  1. Fahad Rafiq says:

    Vultr is good. Its best if Vultr with Cloudways

    1. Yeah, cloudways does a great job managing server.

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