Denial of service attack – Start DDoS from an Android phone

As we all know our Smartphones are actually a computer in our palm, and we can perform good as well as bad deeds using these computers. Distributed Denial of Service attack is a type of cyber attack where many of computers (Infected with malware) act as a botnet and initiate DDoS attack to 1 target site/server.

How to initiate Denial of service attack from android.

To do a DDoS attack from android, you will require an Internet Connection and an application called “Packet Generator”. Link is given below
Packet Generator

How to DDoS using Android?

  1. You don’t require root for this to work, don’t worry if you are not rooted. But if you have root then grant access to this app
  2. Open packet generator and select TCP from the top.
  3. Enter the website or IP address of the victim. This app works best locally.
  4. Set Target Port 80 or whatever you want to crash. For Skype and web services port 80 is used.
  5. Enter a big number in # of Packets. The bigger the better.
  6. Press Send button and Now You are doing DDoS attack with your android phone.
  7. See the image below, in the top left corner of the image is the amount of bandwidth I am sending to Apple. That is the maximum my internet connection can handle, but you get the point.Denial of service attack Android

What is happening with this DDoS attack

Basically this app will¬†DDoS attack¬†your victim. It can be your room mate who is talking on skype, or any website arrount the globe. The app will send packets to the target and will use bandwidth of yours and the victim’s so no other thing can operate properly. That is what DDoS attack is all about.

Note: 1 Android phone is not enough to take down any server by DDoS Attack. You will require many more devices and internet resources to take down a site. But still it works. DDoS attack is illegal and you should only do this for educational purposes or in response of a DDoS attack. I am not responsible to any of your actions and reactions caused by those actions.

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  1. How do u ddos attack an individual phone

  2. This is a DOS tool and not a DDOS tool. It runs on a single device and is there for distributed in any way.

    1. How do you figure out which ports to attack? Like Clash Royale?

  3. Saquib Rashid says:

    it’s work with any no.

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