10 amazing facts about internet

We all use internet daily, unknown to some Amazing facts about the internet that will blow your mind away, not actually though. Today I will tell you 10 mind blowing facts about the internet.

1-5 Amazing facts about the internet


  • 15% of the American adults don’t use Internet. Source
  • Internet addiction is about to become an official mental desease. Source. China already got treatment camps for internet addicts.
  • 18.9% of all the websites are built on WordPress. (An open source Content Management System)
  • The name of a website is called domain name. Over 100,000 new .com domain names are registered daily. Making .com the most popular extension among all domain name extensions.
  • 37% of all internet in porn. Which means porn is the biggest internet industry ?

6-10 Amazing facts about the internet

  • Every device, connected to the internet, has a unique address by which it is identified. In modern ipv6 addressing mechanism, there are 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 unique IP addresses out there. That number is 340 trillion trillion trillion unique addresses.
  • Everyday on the internet 30,000 websites are hacked by hackers. Making security the biggest concern among organizations. Source
  • 90 million adults in Britain have never used internet. Source
  • There are 204 million emails sent by internet users EVERY MINUTE. Out of which 70% are spam. Source
  • Internet has spread so wide that there is high-speed internet even on Mount Everest. Source


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