Age of war 3 hacked: Get infinite money with this guide

Well when you search Age of war 3 hacked on Google or any search engine, it popups different sites which allow you to play this online game with hacked resources. You’ll probably open those links and will start it for loading. Now you’ll think that this will definitely work as the link, title etc describes that.

But the real thing is that:

It will be a normal Age of war 3 online game, just titled as Age of war 3 hacked to get the organic traffic from cheap tactics. Now as you agreed to me above that these links are not exactly the tutorial to get unlimited money on Age of war 3. So what’s the working guide for it? Well today we are going to guide you that how to hack the Age of war 3 game to get infinite money so you can buy items.


Before we proceed to our steps, we want to mention here that we are going to use Cheat Engine to get Age of war 3 hacked game resources. This is a great tool that helps you to save your time and get the most out of game in less time.

Now lets move to the steps.

Get infinite money with Age of war 3 hacked

Step#1: Download Cheat Engine from here.

Step#2: Open cheat engine and Age of war 3 both at same time.

Step#3: Pause the game when it starts.

Step#4: Open cheat engine and click on “open processes” below the file option.

Age of war 3 hacked 2

Step#5: In the newly opened window, Select chrome/Iexplorer or what ever browser you are using for playing the game.

Step#6: Type in “1400” in the hex field and select “First Scan”.

Age of war 3 hacked 1

Step#7: Open every address that starts with “0” and ends with “C”.

Step#8: Now change their values to “12499999” and return back to game.

Step#9: Buy club man/any item and the money should have been changed to Nan which means infinite.

Step#10: Congratulations. You’ve hacked Age of war 3 game successfully.

As we successfully executed the above steps and have infinite money to buy items as much as we can. Our defense in the game is now unbeatable and can beat the alien invaders quite easily.

Age of war 3 is a part of a famous online game series “Age of war” in which the player evolves through ages and build strong with the time. It was developed by Louissi. Its other parts includes Age of war 1, Age of war 2, Age of war 4, Age of war 5 and Age of war 6.

Note that this may not work for you because of online detection but it works. So keep trying and you’ll be succeed in hacking Age of war 3.

If this guide is working for you, be sure to share this guide on social media so everyone can know about this working guide to Age of war 3 hacked. You can leave your queries below in comments. We will reply in short time to solve it. Subscribe to our newsletter for getting more exclusive tech tips in your inbox. Keep visiting RevKid for more updates.

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