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Top 25 Features of newly announced iOS 10

With the announcement of iOS 10 in Apple’s WWDC 2016, everyone is pumped about all the cool features that are new in the iOS 10. Today we’re going to go over 25 of the coolest features in iOS 10.

Top 25 new features in iOS 10

Ability to remove Apple Junk

If you are one of those who use all the app stock apps then I am really sorry but most of us don’t use these apps. That is why I beleive that this is hands down the best feature that Apple didn’t even talk about on stage. And this is the ability to finally delete stock applications.

top features in iOS 10

After the news broke everyone was like “Yo Apple! why don’t you talk about this? That’s amazing!” But if you think about this is almost like a parent knowing they were wrong and the kid was right. It’s not something
you can openly admit but one day when the kids not looking to change it and act like nothing happened.

On a serious note whether or not Apple talked about this on stage, the fact you can now finally delete stock applications is awesome.

Raise to Wake

Number 2 is Raise to Wake and this is pretty straightforward. To simply, raise your phone to view notifications. This is meant to remedy the speed of touch ID which in certain cases can be a little too fast, especially when you want
to touch the home button, just to see your notifications and somehow blow by it unlocked inside your phone. Now without having to do that or press the sleep/wake button you have access to your notifications.

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Redesigned Notifications

top features in iOS 10

Number 3 is a redesigned notification screen, which not only looks immensely better, it’s also more functional. Because finally there’s the ability to clear all notifications from within that screen.

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Improvements in 3D Touch

Number 4, The improvements to 3d touch and this applies to both the notification screen and the home screen. And this is really cool because on the home screen you’ll be able to use widgets within the app without never need to fully open it.

Now feature number 5 to 12 all share a common theme, that is iMessage, which no doubt stole the show today. For starters before we even jump into the features emojis are now 3X bigger. I think it’s a pretty good rule of thumb that when something is 3X larger, it’s usually better in certain cases. That’s not true but in this instance I think we’re all on board with bigger emojis.

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Emoji Suggestions

So going down that list of Emojification is number 5, which is crazy that that’s a thing. But in iMessage, when you tap on any word in your message, it search through your words and find the best emojis that are best suited to be
replaced and then from there you simply tap and you can replace those with emojis.

top features in iOS 10

Now as ridiculous as this sounds, I was genuinely excited and happy to see this, because it’s a little different out-there but I do apologize in advance to all the parents out there. Because as
soon as iOS 10 drops the world is about to change.

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Bubble Effect

Number 6 is bubble effect which is a little silly sounding and honestly I think dynamic messaging bubbles is an easier
way to describe it, but this is to be able to express feeling through your text message. So if you’ve ever wanted to say yummers or come on over at 7, now you can with an added effect of excitement.

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Send hand-written messages

top features in iOS 10

Number 7 is the ability to send a handwritten message. This is cool if you’re able to write neatly and legibly but for me, my writing is as sloppy as left-handed cat, so I am more than likely just going to confuse some people.

Full Screen animations

Number 8 are full screen animations and I think this is one of those features we’re going to be use for the
first day but honestly something you never use again. Basically now you can send full screen animation along with your message and it will show up to the recipient’s iMessage.

Invisible Ink

Number 9 is what Apple calls invisible ink. And what this is, it adds a little mystery and suspense to the message you’re sending to the person on the other side. Initially the reciever has no idea what’s coming through and then it shows up with a little effect.

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Tap back

Number 10 is what Apple calls Tap Back and this is one of 6 replies that allows you to respond quickly but if you think about it, this is really just a glorified gift-wrapped K.

Personal Text

Number 11 is personal text, If you’ve ever written out that perfect message and thought to yourself, “Man this really
needs a fireball, a sketch or a heartbeat”, but couldn’t do it. Now you can.


Coming at number 12 are Stickers. This is actually part of the new app store for iMessage. The idea here is you’re gonna be able to spice up your message by adding them to the bubbles, not just sending them separately but actually adding them onto the texts themselves.

Siri in Open

Moving on to number 13, Siri is finally open to developers and that is awesome. Because now you can use her for more than just stock applications. So with this you should be able to use Siri to call for an uber, to start tracking your steps and something like Argus or even something like “Hey Siri! launch Google”

Improvements the Phone app

It’s a little scary that phone app sounds a little bit retro cause we use our iPhones for literally everything but calling these days. So with iOS 10 will now transcribe your voicemails, VoIP apps are also now natively supported, So if
you’re getting an external call from a VoIP application, its going to look just like it would from a normal phone call.

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Proactive suggestions

Now in iOS 10 you get proactive suggestions around your geo-location, ability to search within your route and now you can make reservations for hotels and resturants in the maps. So Just like Google Maps.

Improved Photos

Moving on the the Photos app, Live Photos now have built an image stabilization and the ability to edit, because we all know there are way too many live photos out there in the world, like this.

Ability to Edit RAW photos

Now this makes a ton of sense with the iPad pro line up and it is a welcomed addition to the iOS 10.

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Smarter search

This allows you to search for photos by not only people but also places and things in them.


Number 21 is what Apple is calling Memories, which takes relevant photos, pictures, videos and locations and compile them into one sappy montage, Essentailly that is Google photos.

Coming in at 22 and 23 are Completely Redesigned Apple music, Completely redesigned News apps.

Brand new application from Apple called Homes.

Essentially it is your central hub to control everything smart in your house. That was definitely not the most
exciting thing at wwdc but it looks really good and I am one looking forward to it.

Apple pay has finally made its way to the web

Now this is a little tricky because it’s technically something you would do on your computer through Mac OS Sierra but until touch ID makes its way to the Mac, you’re still going to need your phone to complete transaction. Which is
why it’s a huge deal in iOS 10.

So aside from that thank you guys for
reading and hopefully you guys enjoyed it, if you did then make sure to share it with your friend and follow us socially and I will get back to you soon.

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