Is it with upgrading to iPhone XS? First Impressions of New iPhones

Apple announced 3 new phone on 12th September and people, as always, have mixed opinions about them. Some are liking the new phone while others are criticizing Apple for some reasons. Lets take a look at the new iPhone XS (10S), iPhone XS Max (10S Max) & the iPhone XR (10R). And see if it is worth upgrading to it.

Is the iPhone XS Upgrade worth it?

First of all, lets look at what has changed as compared to the iPhone X and then you can decide if you want to upgrade or you are good.

A12 Bionic

The new iPhones come with an all new chip from Apple. It is called A12 Bionic. According to Apple, this chip has 8-cores as compared to 4-cores on iPhone X. It can perdper up to 5-trillion operations per second, as compared to 600-million on iPhone X.

This chip is made on 7nm architecture which means it can achieve higher clock speeds, use less battery and less heat.

All this horesepower is what makes the iPhone XS, the fastest smartphone of the year. This also makes the graphics and AI capabilities of the iPhone.


The new cameras are even better than the older iPhones. Now this was expected because the iPhone XS is an upgrade from the X. The all new camera sensors and improved image processing of A12 Bionic makes possible features like better Portrait mode, changing the Bokah afterwards and Super HDR.

Other than that iPhone XS is almost the same phone. Sure there is a new Gold color and minor upgrades.

The iPhone XS Max has a bigger display, bigger battery and a bigger price tag.

The most interesting model out of the new iPhones is the XR. Affordable price tag, same internals as the XS, 6 new colors, LCD screen without 3D Touch and single back-camera. Other than that it is the same iPhone XS.

Let us know which of the new iPhones you liked and why.

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