watch live tv in ipad without jailbreak

Watch 100s of live TV channels on iPhone for free – No Cydia

Watching TV channels on iPhone or iPad can really help you kill the time but problem comes when you have to jailbreak to watch live TV channels on your iPhone. Today I will show you a 100% working method to watch 100s of sports, news and entertainment tv channels on your iPhone and iPads without jailbreak. This method is tested as working on iOS 7, 8, 9 to 9.3. So without any delay let’s get started and watch live TV on iPhone. No Cydia required.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor is responsible for any copyrights infringement that you do in result of this tutorial. You are solely responsible for all of your actions. Make sure to check with your country Internet laws before proceeding.

Watch live TV channels on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

  1. Open safari in your iPhone or iPad and open this link. You can also copy and paste the URL from here.
  2. Once the page loads up. Tap on the down arrow right next to the iOS logo. For reference I have attached a picture below.Watch live TV channels on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak
  3. The webpage will show a pop up asking, if you wanna install Smart TV app or not. Select install.
  4. Now press the home button and wait for the app to get installed. The app can’t be launched and will give you an error.
  5. After the app is successfully installed, go to Settings > General > Profile and trust SSH Engineering.
  6. Go back to the home screen and launch the Smart TV APP. This time the app shall open normally and you shall see a pop up asking for Live TV code. Basically the app works on iptv subscription.
  7. Enter 510011420599270 in there and tap OK. The app will verify the code and show you 2 options. IPTV and video on demand. Select IPTV and there you will find 100s of TV channels available for free.

Make sure that you are using wifi or unlimited data plan because live TV streaming can really eat through your mobile data. Not all the TV channels are tested to be working but most of them are working including beinsports.

Video walk through:

Update: June 2018

Its been a long time since I posted this tutorial, and it stopped working. I recently received a couple requests to provide an update to this tutorial and here I am. Let’s watch free cable live IPTV on our iPhones.

  1. First of all, open this link in your iPhone Safari browser and you will be redirected to AppValley.
  2. Now press the search button from the bottom right corner of the display and search for an app called iPlayTV.
  3. Select iPlayTV from the list of results.
  4. Press the Get button and wait for a pop-up to appear. This will ask for your permission. Press Install.
  5. Now go back to the home screen and wait for the download to complete.
  6. After the download is complete, you will need to go to the Settings > General > Profiles section and trust the developer certificate which has iPlayTV in it.
  7. Now go back to the home screen and open the iPlayTV app.
  8. Press the + icon at the top left of the display and now press “Add iPlayTV Playlist”. If you get a pop-up ad, skip it.
  9. As soon as you will press the Add iPlayTV Playlist button, it will load a bunch of channels that you can watch by selecting.

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  1. Irfan khan says:

    For the first 15 days it was working but now it says “problem connecting to the server ”
    Plz provide solution

    1. Thanks Irfan for letting me know. I have updated the code you have to enter in the app. Now it should work fine again.

  2. Hey I tried the code you gave and it got me passed that screen but now any channel I click, it just doesn’t load at all on any channel. I clicked a bunch and none of them load up. Failure to open it says. If you can offer a solution, that would be great. Thanks

    1. I think the app is no longer working. have you tried with vpn?

  3. The videos are not steaming, any help?

  4. Shannon Angelique says:

    The code do not work

    1. Whats the code number u useing guys.?

  5. Mikis Tsielepis says:

    Unable to get web page. Please advice and help

    1. Unfortunately, this app has stopped working. I will update this article very soon.

  6. Tricia Mcphersonb says:

    Hi, Guys Hope you are all Fine!
    I came across your website and find out that it has information related to Live IPTV Subscription And
    It was very good and valuable information.

    Thank you for the help.

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