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Recently we show you 100% working 8 Ball Pool Hack for iPhone which lets you see where the pool balls will go before you play the shot. In this post we’ll tell you how you can Logout of Facebook messenger on iPhone. No matter which iOS version you have, it works on every iOS including latest iOS 9. Basically we’ll use a basic feature of Facebook which will never go away, hence this method will stay evergreen.

Facebook messenger is a mandatory app which facebook requires you to install. I personally feel that it is an idiotic step but there is a benifit of facebook messenger that you can chat with people that are not added in your friend list. Of course you can do the same without messenger but sometimes your message may land in others folder and left un-attended for many days.

How to logout of Facebook messenger on iOS 9

Things you’ll require.

  1. PC or Laptop, on which you can access your Facebook account. – OR – Facebook application installed on your iDevice and logged into your Facebook account.
  2. 5 minutes of your time and that’s all you need 😉

Instructions to logout of FB Messenger

As I already mentioned in the post above, this method works on every iOS device No matter if it is an iPhone, iPod or an iPad. And no matter if you have an iOS 7, iOS 8 or an iOS 9 device. This will work on all devices.

  1. Goto Facebook.com if you are on pc OR open your facebook account on your phone.
  2. Now navigate to this link on PC OR open Account settings -> Security settings on your phone. If you are on phone, you can do the same from Facebook app.
  3. New click on edit right next to “Where you’re logged in”. If you are doing it on mobile, you have to tap on ” Active Sessions”
  4. Now just simply look for any session which is associated with Messenger app and end that session.

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