Get iOS 13 Features on iOS 12 Using Cydia Tweaks

Today, I will show you how you can get almost all of iOS 13 features on iOS 12 using Cydia Tweaks. If you are familiar with the iPhone Jailbreak community, you will know that Apple takes “inspiration” for almost all of the features in iOS from the Jailbreak Tweaks. This means that whatever features Apple decides to add to the new iOS version, you will already have it on your iPhone via Cydia. Let me show you what I mean by that.

Get iOS 13 Features on iOS 12 Using Cydia Tweaks

I have added a list of all the features that you can get on iOS 12 using Jailbreak, you should be able to simply click on any one and jump to it’s installation details.

Official iOS 13 iPhone Wallpapers

First up in the list are the official iOS 13 wallpapers. Have you noticed that Apple has different wallpaper for it’s iOS releases? Well, I have a folder of all the official iOS 13 wallpapers that you can download and use. Just click the link given below to download it. Don’t worry you don’t need Jailbreak for it, those days are gone lol.

Dark Mode

Get Eclipse 12 on iPhone for free

This is the features which has been expected to come to iOS for a very long time. Believe it or not dark mode has been available for iOS for years. Now Apple has decided to add a system-wide dark mode to iOS 13. You can get it by simply installing a Cydia Tweak called Eclipse.

Not only you get a system-wide dark mode, Eclipse also give you the option to disable it for whichever app you want.

One thing that Eclipse does not include is the dark accents for folders, widgets and search bar etc. For this, there is another Cydia Tweak called Dune. This tweak allows you to add Dark accents to folders, widgets etc on iOS 12.

Control Center

Get iOS 13 features on iOS 12 using Cydia Tweaks

Apple has turned the Control Center into it’s own little app. With every major iOS release, it adds featured to it. The new feature iOS 13 has added into the Control center is the option to connect and disconnect from different Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices directly from the control center. This allows you to quicky connect to a different Bluetooth and WiFi device. To get this feature on iOS 12, you can use a Cydia Tweak called QuickCC.

Which this little tweak installed, you can simply press and hold the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth buttons in the Control Center to bring the selection menu up.

iOS 13 Volume HUD

Get iOS 13 features in iOS 12 using Cydia Tweaks

The infamous iOS Volume HUD is one of the few things I never likes about iOS. You know the ugly Volume HUD that covers center of the screen? This becomes very annoying when you are watching a video on your iPhone.

Well, Apple has finally decided to replace it with a much better Volume Slider in iOS 13, that does not cover the entire display.

You can use a Cydia Tweak called 13HUD to get the iOS 13 Volume HUD on iOS 12. You will need to add a new Cydia repo in the sources section of Cydia.

13HUD Cydia Repo:

Safari Download Manager

Safari in iOS 13 now has a download manager which honestly is long due. That’s because Cydia has had this feature for years. This feature let’s you manage your downloads in Safari and save files from the web to your iPhone *wink* *wink*

Get iOS 13 features on iOS 12 using Cydia Tweaks

To get the safari download manager on iOS 12, you will need to install a cutie tweak called Safari Plus. This tweak adds the download manager and many other features to Safari.

That’s it for this tutorial on how to get iOS 13 features on iOS 12 using Cydia Tweaks. If you liked this tutorial and found it to be helpful, then make sure to share it with others and help us spread the word.

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