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Clash of Clans 2017 tricks – Get free gems

Clash of Clans is one of the most played Smartphone games. The following article is a compilation of the Clash of Clans 2017 Tricks, Considering the fact that it is being run by Supercell, which is valued at $3 billion…there is not much which you can think to overthrow the security. One thing you need to know is that there is no Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Loots, Unlimited troops or Elixir for Clash of Clans. So stop thinking that you can use those online hacks and software to get you ahead. They are only viruses and malware which will ruin the performance of your system and might even exploit your privacy. Also, the best and the most satisfactory way to make progress is with honesty. Not hacks nor cheat codes, hard earned progress always feels more satisfactory!

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10 Clash of clans 2017 tricks to keep you ahead

clash of clans 2017 gem tool


First of Clash of Clans 2017 tricks are that you must know how to utilize the time. Take your time when you’re upgrading. Max out the buildings and the defense mechanisms. Don’t hurry and analyze the best way to proceed through. Upgrading an under-developed mechanism is never fruitful. Don’t go for the ranks, go for the efficiency! Otherwise, your village will be left vulnerable.

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When you’re new in the game or just have started your village. You need to go step by step…surely the Giants are great at fighting, however, they cost equally. When you do not have enough resources. Go with the Barbarians and then you can go to the Dragons. Also note that some of these are made in more time, for example, you can create 4 archers in less than two minutes whereas each Wizard requires 8 minutes ALONE. Hence, we find this to be a very important of Clash of Clans Tricks.


As mentioned above regarding the units; spells are also very expensive. However, they are very effective as well. Just ensure that you’re able to earn what you are going to spend with that spell. The Rage Spell starts at 23,000 elixir and the healing spell starts at 15000 elixir.


Clash of clans 2017 free gem without survey

The fourth of our Clash of Clans Tricks is “SAVE THE GEMS”

Right after you start the game, you will be having 500 gems. However, when the tutorial ends…you will be left with 450. The most efficient way to start is to save gems right from the start. Don’t spend the money and save it instead. For each builder; the following are the price tags.

250 gems for the Builder 2 (Tutorial)

500 gems for the Builder 3

1000 gems for the Builder 4

2000 gems for the Builder 5

The 4th and the 5th Builder are for the very longer run, however…you should be able to have the Builder 3 in a reasonable amount of time. How do these builders help? Extra builders will let you construct more buildings at once!


The fifth Clash of Clans Tricks is the search of inactive players. It might be difficult to look for them; however, look for the players who have gold mines and elixir collectors so you know going towards them will be worth it. Go for the villages which have no League Assignment associated, this way the raids will be easier.


You will automatically get a 12-hour shield once your town has been attacked and destroyed by around 40%. This is the right time to recoup, make sure you make use of it. Moreover, you will also get another 4-hour shield when your so messed up that 90% of the base has been destroyed. When such a thing happens, ensure you build up enough resources.


Most of you would know our 7th in the Clash of Clans Tricks compilation. However, those of you who are not using this common trick. Ensure that you do! Once you have divided your resources to reasonable departments. Try to maximize the number of Elixir and Gold collectors you have. So you collect the maximum amount. In the longer run, this is one of the very best strategies one can apply. This is why we also label this as one of the most effective Clash of Clans Tricks.


There will be quite a lot of many times when you will be away and get attacked. This creates an opportunity, you can actually look at the list of people who attacked your village when you were away. When this happens, you can make a REVENGE (it’s an in-game choice). Do take it, it is a good strategic advantage; you can look at the enemy’s village and plan out a proper attack. Check the storages and look at the location of their Town Hall. Deploy and create your soldiers accordingly! Another important one of the Clash of Clans Tricks!


Clash of clans unlimited gems

Once your Town Hall is Level 7, you will unlock the Dark Elixir. The Dark Elixirs are used to drill for the dark elixir. You will have to raid for it once you’ve unlocked at Level 7. These dark elixirs will also help you to upgrade your hero class troops/dark elixir troops. Just max out the gold and elixirs (not dark elixirs)

These heroes have the ability to inflict tons of damage. More like, they are immortals.


Always try to play, the more you play…the more you progress. You may notice that the best of the Clashers are like…always playing! Yes, the more you practice..the better you get. You might not consider this to be one of the Clash of Clans Tricks but still, play!!!

Get free gems in Clash of Clans

Well, If you want to know some “Eternal” source of Gems in Clash of Clans then that is quite impossible. But, that doesn’t stop us from trying. Right? Below I have listed a couple of ways you can get a countless number of gems on Clash of Clans without using any “Hack” or Jailbreak.

Gem Box

If you are new to the game, you might not know that Supercell has added a way for you to get some gems legally. When I started playing Clash of Clans, I was not aware of gem box. Basically, Gem Box is a little box that appears in the boundary of your clash of clans village.


All you have to do is remove that Gem Box and you are awarded 25 gems with-in seconds. Sounds good? Gem box appears in your village after 1 week and you can remove it by spending 1000 Elixir. Obviously, you will need 1 builder to be free to remove the gem box.

Remove the trees

When ever you have resources and have a builder that is sleeping in his hut, make sure to remove Trees and other obstacles from your village. Trees in the village are there for some reason. When you will remove them, you might get some gems as a reward.

Notice I said, “You might get some gems” that is because it is not guaranteed that you will get gems out of every tree. Sometimes you will get gems but it can go else wise as well. I personally try to remove trees and stones from my village as soon as possible. That is because the trees will grow again where you have free space in your village. And you can use the gems to get other builders as well.

Complete Achievements

Just like other games like Pokemon Go and 8 Ball pool, Clash of clans also have a reward system in it. All you have to do is play the game regularly and also look at the achievements panel. Try to complete the achievements quickly.


That is because completing achievements give you gems which you can use in the game.

What I try to do is complete the achievements that have a big reward. For example, there is an achievement called “Sweet Victory” which requires you to get 1250 trophies in the leagues and it gives you 450 gems as a reward.

Stay on top

This goes without saying. In Clash of Clans, you can win quite a big amount of gems if you are in 1 of the top 3 Clans. But if you are reading this cheat sheet of Clash of clans, you probably aren’t in the top 3 clans and you are also not at a very high level in the game. But, you can always strive to get to that point. Right?

Alternative to get free gems in Clash of Clans

What if your desire for free coc gems is not fulfilled by the above-mentioned methods or you are already doing the above methods and still need more gems? Well, then there is only 1 way around, and that is to buy Clash of clans gems for free.

What? Buy gems for free? Yes! There are many legit apps inside the Play store where you can get free Play Store and App store gift cards. That is by downloading other apps, games and by watching ads.

Here is List of Legit apps that give Free Google Play Store Gift Cards

Follow our Clash of Clans Tricks and you will start making progress in no time. For any questions, let us know in the comments. Also, stay updated with the latest updates and changes in the article.

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