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Kuaiyong iOS 9 10 without jailbreak No PC needed – IPA file Inside

I have to admit; your support has been great lately. Especially on our tutorials on hacked games without jailbreak, like Pokemon Go and paid apps without jailbreak. Today I am back with another tutorial and this time I am bringing, in my opinion, the best alternative to Installous and I am talking about Kuaiyong without jailbreak for iOS 9 and 10. Remember those old iOS 6 times when you could get almost any paid app for free from Installous? Well, Kuaiyong iOS 9/10 is just like that but without jailbreak. You will also get IPA file for Kuaiyong at the end of this page.

First I will tell you about all the cool features of Kuaiyong and how it works, hen I will show you how to install it.

Disclaimer: I am only writing this tutorial for only those people who want to install those apps that are either not available in their region or removed from the App Store by Apple. If you use the Kuaiyong app for downloading paid apps without paying, neither RevKid.com nor I will be held responsible for your behavior.

Features of Kuaiyong for iOS 9 10:

kuaiyong ipa file download iOS 9 10 without jailbreak

There are quite a lot of impressive features on Kuaiyong, and I will try to cover as many of then as possible. If you are here just to download Kuaiyong on your iPhone without jailbreak, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the Installation guide.

Paid Games and Apps for free:

Kuaiyong is an app store that allows you to get almost any paid app or game that you want for free. Of course, it comes under the radar of piracy, and I can not emphasize enough not to use this app for piracy.  Just because you can get paid apps and games from Kuaiyong on your iPhone for free, doesn’t mean that you should do it.

Apps that are no longer available in the App Store:

If you are looking for an app that was available in the App Store but then Apple took it down, Kuaiyong can help you get hold of that app. Unlike App Store, where the developers have to pay $100 per year just to keep their apps available to the users, Kuaiyong allows free publication of apps for developers.

There are a ton of cool Apps that were removed by Apple from the App Store, and I will show you how to use Kuaiyong app store to get those apps installed on your iPhone without jailbreak.

Hacked Games with Unlimited gems:

I have to point it out, if you are looking for Unlimited gems hack for Online games like Teen Patti gold, then you are on the wrong page, cause you can not get it. I have made tutorials on Clash of Clans Tricks, Pokemon Go location hack, 8 Ball pool hack and Pokemon Duel hack. Check these out.

If you are looking for “Unlimited Gems and Coins” hack for offline games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, then Kuaiyong can help in that. We are doing this all without jailbreak so if it doesn’t work, don’t blame me. I have downloaded quite a lot of hacked games from Kuaiyong without jailbreak successfully, and that is why I am writing this tutorial.

How to Install Kuaiyong without jailbreak iOS 9 10

Unfortunately, to get Kuaiyong working on iOS 9 and 10 devices, you will need a Windows computer. But I have found a method which allows you to get Kuaiyong without jailbreak and PC on iOS 9 and 10. All you have to do is follow the tutorial given below, and it should be installed on your iPhone without any fuss.

I have also added another method which utilizes IPA file and Cydia Impactor to install Kuaiyong app. Just in case if this method stops working, you can use the 2nd method mentioned at the end of this page.

  1. Click on the download link given below, and it will take you to the installation of Kuaiyong. It will show you a pop-up asking if you want to install it or not.Install Kuaiyong without jailbreak on iPhone iOS 9 10
  2. Select “Install” and go back to the home screen of your iPhone. Here you will see Kuaiyong app is installing.
  3. Once the installation is done, go to Settings > General > Profiles, and here you will need to trust the developer profile of Kuaiyong App. Don’t worry; it’s 100% safe.install Kuaiyong without jailbreak no computer iOS 10
  4. Now open Kuaiyong app store from the home screen and start installing your favorite paid and hacked apps without jailbreak.

Install Kuaiyong without jailbreak iOS 9 10 using IPA File

This is an exclusive method by RevKid.com which no one is using to install Kuaiyong. In this way, we use IPA file of the app and sideload it on our iPhones and iPads using Cydia Impactor. For this method, you will need a Windows or Mac computer, and you will also need a working valid Apple ID.

  1. First of all, download the latest version of iTunes on your computer and install it. If you have already installed iTunes on your computer system, you can skip ahead.download IPA file for Kuaiyong without jailbreak on iOS 9 10
  2. If you are on Mac computer, download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from here and install it Just like any regular app. If you have a Windows computer, you will need to get it from here and extract all the files of Cydia Impactor zip file to a separate folder. Don’t extract only exe file as this causes a lot of problems.
  3. The last thing to download is the IPA file for Kuaiyong app store. This IPA was extracted by myself and if you find any problems with it, let me know in the comments section below.

    download kuaiyong ipa file without jailbreak for iOS 9 10

  4. Now let’s start the installation. Open the Cydia Impactor and Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  5. Make sure that your iOS device is detected by Cydia Impactor correctly. As shown in the image below.
    Download Kuaiyong without jailbreak on iOS 9 10
  6. Now drag the IPA file of Kuaiyong App store and drop it inside the impactor window.
  7. It will ask you for your Apple ID, enter any valid Apple ID and it’s password. It is 100% safe to use your Apple ID inside Cydia Impactor, but you can also use a throwaway Apple ID just in case.\
  8. The app installation will begin, and soon you will see Kuaiyong app store logo on your iPhone’s home screen. Just in case if the installation fails with an error, visit this page where I have covered almost all of the most common Cydia Impactor errors.

The last step is to go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management on your iPhone. Here you will need to tap on the Apple ID you used inside Cydia Impactor and press the trust link. Now you can use Kuaiyong on iOS 9 10 or above. Make sure that you do this installation every 7 days because according to Apple, you can not use sideloaded apps longer than that.

That is it for this quick tutorial on how to install Kuaiyong on iPhone without jailbreak on iOS 9 10 and above. I showed you two different methods of installation just in case if one stops working you can use the IPA file download method. If you found this tutorial helpful, which I am sure you did, make sure to share it with others and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more updates like this one.

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    1. Did you get the error for Kuaiyong app or some app you are trying to download from Kuaiyong store.

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