Fix Common ipa.cpp and zip.cpp errors in Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a really awesome piece of software which lets you sideload IPA files on your iPhone and other iOS 9 and 10 devices. Although it is a very small software, it doesn’t require XCode or some fancy software. You just need to have access to a computer and your iOS 10 device. Doesn’t matter if your computer has Windows, Mac or Linux, it works the same. A lot of users who used Cydia Impactor to sideload hacked IPA of Pokemon go, Kodi, and Snapchat hack without jailbreak, they complained that they are facing some weird errors in Cydia Impactor. Today I am going to show you how to fix ipa.cpp and zip.cpp errors in Cydia impactor.

Buckle up guys cause we have got a lot of ground to cover and I am gonna try to tackle every ipa.cpp and zip.cpp error in this post. If you face some different error inside Cydia impactor and want to contribute by providing a fix, you are more than welcome to do so.

Is Cydia Impactor safe and What it does?

This is the most asked question by visitors when they read or watch any tutorial, involving Cydia Impactor, “Is it safe to put my Apple ID inside Cydia Impactor?”. Well, this question has a really simple and sweet answer. That is “Yes”. Let me explain what Cydia Impactor does and why it is safe, because you are not gonna believe my words, are you. 😀

Basically, Cydia Impactor is a utility built by Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik. Jay is the man who built the app called Cydia. And because of his work in the Jailbreak community, he is one of, if not the most trusted person when it comes to iOS utilities and jailbreaking. And he will never do any shady stuff  And the fact that Cydia Impactor asks you for your Apple ID which sideloading the app on your iPhone, is because it uses your own Apple ID, hence your own certificate, to sign the IPA you want to install.

In simple words, you are trying to install an app which is not built by a “trusted” app developer, in the eyes of Apple. And Apple is not gonna allow you to install it on your iOS device without a developer certificate. Cydia Impactor will take the IPA and your Apple ID and then tell Apple that you are the one who developed this IPA and you want to install it to test it.

Then Apple will let you install it on your iOS device for 7 days. And then you will need to sideload it again.

Common Cydia Impactor Errors fixed

Okay, As now I have cleared up the confusion and “Risk factor” involved in using Cydia Impactor, let me tackle some of the very common errors that you guys are facing in Cydia Impactor.

Provision.cpp:150 Error Fixed

In my opinion, This is the most common error people face in Cydia Impactor. Basically, when you drag and drop the IPA file in Cydia Impactor and enter your Apple ID and Password, cydia impactor will show you a message like this.

Basically, saying “provision.cpp:150 Please Sign in with an app specific password” which means that you have Two-step-verification enabled, and you are gonna need a password which is generated for an app. Either you will have to turn off two-step-verification, which is not recommended or Just follow the steps I have mentioned below and you should be good to go.

  1. Open this link on your computer browser and you will be redirected to
  2. There you will need to login, using the same Apple ID which you are using in cydia impactor.
  3. Once logged in, scroll down a little until you see “Security” section. Here you want to click on the little edit link in the top right side.fix ipa.cpp:150 cydia impactor error
  4. Now if it asks you to answer your security questions then you will need to answer them and then click continue.
  5. After that you will need to find “App-specific Passwords” section inside the Security section. Once there, click the “Generate password” link and it will ask you for a lable.
  6. A lable is just for identification. I would suggest you to use “CydiaImpactor” as lable because this is where you are gonna use this password.

Once generated, you can go ahead and use this password inside Cydia Impactor and enjoy the sideloading. Hope that “ipa.cpp:150 Please Sign in with an app specific password” error was fixed.

provision.cpp:62 and cpp:68 error in cydia impactor

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Cydia Impactor needs to talk to the Apple servers and more specifically the server that are responsible for app development. provision.cpp:62 and cpp:68 are the errors that only happen when Cydia Impactor is unable to communicate with Apple servers. Now this could mean that the Apple servers are down for maintainance or your DNS is not resolving properly.

Either way Cydia Impactor will spit out one of these two errors and you can’t really do much about it. Other than visiting the Apple server status page and seeing if there is some maintainace going on their end. Just wait for a couple of hours and then try to sideload the ipa file again and it should work find.

If apple servers are working fine and still you are seeing this error then you will need to connect to a VPN server and then try to sideload your IPA file. VPN will re-route all the network packets you are transmitting via different location and it will help solving provision.cpp:62 and ipa.cpp:68 error in cydia impactor.

ipa.cpp:145 installed application is from a different account

This cydia impactor error is pretty much self explainatory. But it might create confusion among those who are new to sideloading apps on iPhone. Basically, this error comes up when you are trying to sideload modded version of an app while same app is already installed on your iPhone.

Suppose you installed Pokemon Go on your iPhone and then you wished to install hacked version of Pokemon Go, if you didn’t remove the already installed Pokemon Go app before sideloading, Cydia Impactor will show you an error saying that “Installed application is from a different account”

Another reason you might face this issue is because you installed an app from 1 Apple ID and then after 7 days when the certificate expired, you are trying to install the same app using a different Apple ID. To solve this issue, simply remove the already installed app from your iPhone and then you can install it again using cydia impactor.

zip.cpp.321 error in cydia impactor

This error comes when either the Cydia Impactor is of old version or the IPA file you are trying to install it corrupted. Make sure that you have latest version of Cydia Impactor and the IPA file is coming directly from the original source.

If this doesn’t help then you will need to hard reset your iPhone by holding the Home and Power button at the same time. If you have iPhone 7 or 7 plus, click here to see how to hard reset it.

zip.cpp:331 Cannot unzip

If you are seeing zip.cpp:331 cannot unzip error in cydia impactor, there is only one reason for this error and that is the IPA file was not properly packaged. Or you didn’t download it properly. An IPA file is jus a zip archive which contains all the contents of the app in a specific order. If that zip was not archived properly or you didn’t download it completely then Cydia impactor will not be able to extract it and that is why it spits out this error.

To fix this issue, simple download the IPA file again and make sure that it is completely downloaded before proceeding. If the error is still showing, try finding the IPA from some other source.

Fix provision CPP:71 or CPP:81 cydia impactor error

A lot of people have been getting this provision CPP:71 or cpp:81 error lately. After some digging I found a working solution to this error. You wouldn’t believe that it is very easy to fix.

  1. Open Cydia Impactor and select XCode from the menu. On windows, you can use a keyboard shortcut to do it.
  2. Now select Revoke Certificates from the XCode menu.
  3. Cydia impactor will ask for your Apple ID. Simply enter your Apple ID and the error should now be gone.

Fix for installer.cpp:71 application already installed as incompatible team

This means that you have already installed the app. For example, if you’re trying to re-jailbreak your iPhone through Yalu after the 7 days certificate, you need to delete the Yalu app first and then try. A lot of people were having this issue and Someone in the comments gave this solution anonymously.

So that’s it for today, I hope you were able to fix the errors in cydia impactor. If you are still facing some error in cydia impactor then drop it in the comments and also if you have solution to some other errors then I would love to add them in this post. Make sure to follow us on twitter, and share it with your friends.

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