Install 8 Ball Pool++ hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak IPA Download

If you have been missing the hacked version of 8 ball pool on your iPhone, that you used to play on your jailbroken iPhone, or just don’t want to jailbreak and still want to play the hacked version of 8 ball pool, you are on right page. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can install 8 ball pool++ hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak and enjoy extended guidelines. This method also works on iOS 11. Keep in mind that this is only for educational purpose and you should not be using hacked games cause this is cheating.

Hack 8 ball pool for endless guidelines on iOS 11

First of all, before we start installing the hacked version of 8 ball pool for iOS 11, we will need to remove the original version from our iPhone. Simply press and hold the 8 Ball Pool app icon and when the icons start jiggling, press the cross on 8 Ball Pool.

  1. To avoid any error or problems during the installation, let’s start clean. Open Settings on your iPhone and navigate to Safari settings. Here you will need to clear all data. This step is not required but I would recommend you to do it because it will make things easier.
  2. Now open Safari browser and navigate to this site. If you are reading this tutorial on a computer or another device, simply type the following URL in the Safari browser and open it.

  3. Here you will probably see an advertisement which you will need to close by pressing the cross button from the corner of the screen. After that, press the Apps tab from the top of the screen.

    8 ball pool hack iOS 11 without jailbreak

  4. From the apps section, scroll down until you find the section of Hacked Games. This is the section where you can find all hacked games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Hungry Shark etc.

    install unlimited lines 8 ball pool hack iOS 11 without jailbreak

  5. Inside the Hacked games section, look for 8 Ball Pool-Endless Guidelines. This is the game that we will need to install on our iPhone. Simply select it from the list of hacked games and press Install button on the next page. You will see a popup, asking for your permission to install it. Press Install.
  6. Now go back to the home screen of your iPhone and you will notice that the game is being installed. Wait for the installation to complete. After the installation is completed, the standard 3rd-party procedure will apply. You will need to manually allow access by going into Settings > General > Profiles section and Trust the developer profile.8 ball pool hacked version iOS 11 without jailbreak


Old method which requires a Computer

As much as I would have loved it to be, Unfortunately, this is not a “No computer needed” method. You will need a couple of things to install 8 Ball Pool++ hacked IPA on your iPhone. I have listed all the things required below

Requirements for the installation

  • You will need a computer. Doesn’t matter if it is a windows computer or a Mac. Just make sure it is not running too old operating system.
  • You will need to have Latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Lightning cable to connect your iPhone with your computer. I would recommend that you use original lightning cable and avoid using 3rd party cables.
  • We will be using Cydia impactor to install 8 Ball Pool hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak. You can download latest version of Cydia impactor from here.
  • Last thing needed is the 8 Ball Pool++ ipa file. Make sure that you download the ipa file without interruption or you will run into CPP:71 and many other cydia impactor errors.

Recommended: Fix common Cydia Impactor errors

Install 8 Ball Pool++ hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak

Once you have downloaded all the files needed for this hack, follow the instructions given below and the hack should work properly.

  1. Extract the cydia impactor zip file if you are on a windows computer and for Mac users, install it just like any other application.
  2. Now open cydia impactor and connect your iPhone with your computer using the lightning cable. Don’t open impactor.exe file as Admin if you are on Windows.
  3. Next up, make sure that cydia impactor has detected your iPhone as a supported device. Just like you see my iPad detected in the image below.install 8 ball pool++ hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak
  4. After that, simply drag and drop the 8 ball pool++ hacked version IPA file on top of the cydia impactor window. Don’t click any button on cydia impactor.
  5. As soon as you will drop the IPA file on cydia impactor window, it will ask for an Apple ID. Input any valid Apple ID here, doesn’t have to be the same Apple ID that you are using on your iPhone. You can also use your own Apple ID as the cydia impactor is 100% safe.8 Ball Pool hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak IPA Download long guidelines
  6. After you have entered a valid Apple account, the hacked version of 8 ball pool will start to get installed on your iPhone. It might take a couple of minutes, don’t worry. If you run into any errors during the installation, check our guide on how to fix common cydia impactor errors.
  7. Once the installation is done, disconnect your iPhone from your computer. Now you will need to go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device management on your iPhone. Here you will find your Apple ID that you used in cydia impactor. Tap on it and trust it by pressing the trust button.Install hacked version of 8 ball pool without jailbreak iPhone iOS 10
  8. Now you can go ahead and open freshly installed hacked version of 8 ball pool on your iPhone.
  9. Login with an account and start a match. Here you will notice that your guideline is very long and this helps you pot the balls very easily.

Disclaimer: I highly recommend that you you never use your main 8 Ball Pool account on this hack. The developers of the game are very strictly monitoring the players and if they detect that you are using hack for 8 Ball Pool long guidelines, they will ban you from the server.

Aside from that, I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial on how to install 8 ball pool++ hacked version on iPhone without jailbreak. If you were successful in the installation, make sure to share it with others as well and also follow us on twitter for latest tutorials like this one.

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