Hungry Shark World iOS Hack – No Jailbreak No Computer

Hungary Shark World is one of the most popular mobile games available for Android and iPhone. With over 10 million downloads of each platform, a lot of people like to play this game. If you are looking for Hungary Shark World iOS hack then you have come to right page. Today I will show you how to install hacked version of Hungry Shark World for iPhone without Jailbreak, no computer needed.


Before I start the tutorial and show you multiple ways to hack Hungry Shark World game on iPhone, I want to let you know that hacking games is not recommended cause of a couple of reasons. Developers of Apps and Games rely on the revenue coming from in app purchases and they deserve each bit of that revenue.

Hacking the gems and coins can potentially hurt the developers and I don’t encourage you to hack games. This tutorial is only for educational purposes, just to prove that it is possible.

Hungry Shark World iOS Hack without Jailbreak:

As mentioned above, there are multiple wats to get hacked version of hungry Shark World for iPhone. Just to make this tutorial easy to follow, I have broken it in multiple headings. You can click the table of content given above to scroll directly to the required method.

Hungry shark world iOS Hack without Jailbreak without Computer using TuTuApp:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone and visit this link. Make sure that you are using Safari cause this tutorial will not work on Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Now select the “Regular” version of TuTuApp using the tab on the top of the page.
  3. Next, press the green install button and wait for the popup to show up. To continue, you will need to press the “Install” button and press the home button.
  4. Wait for the TuTu Helper app to install, after that you will need to trust the developer certificate of the app. Open Settings > General > Profiles section and trust the developer profile.Unlimited coin gems Hungry Shark World iPhone No Jailbreak
  5. Now open the TuTu Helper app and search for “Hungry Shark World”
  6. After that, you will see a couple of search results. You will need to select the one that has “Infinite Coins” in the results.
  7. Press the Chinese button right next to the hacked version of hungry shark world and wait for the download to complete.
  8. Now go to the downloads section inside TuTuApp and press the download to start the installation.
  9. Last step is to trust the developer profile for hacked ios version of Hungry Shark World from Settings > General > Profile section.

Using Cyrus Installer:

Cyrus installer is one of the best alternative to get Cydia apps on your iPhone without Jailbreak. Or you can say that this is one of app similar to vShare.

To install your desired game or app, you will need to follow some very simple steps given below.

  1. First of all you will need to go to Settings > Safari and clear browser data & history from there. This is required to avoid the “Unable to install” error. This step is recommended but not 100% required.Hacked unlimited gems without Jailbreak Shark World
  2. Now open Safari and visit this link. It will take you to the Cyrus installer page where you can click the “Install Cyrus” button.
  3. As soon as you will click the Install button, you will see a popup window appearing in front of you. Here you will need to select Install to continue.
  4. Now go back to the home screen of your iPhone and wait for Cyrus installer to get installed.
  5. Once its installed, you will need to trust the developer certificate of Cyrus installer to use it on your iPhone. Open Settings > General > Profiles section and here you will need to trust the developer certificate.

    Hungry Shark World hack iPhone No computer No Jailbreak
    Click to enlarge
  6. After that, you can go back to the home screen and install hacked version of Hungry Shark World from the apps section.
  7. Once the installation is completed, Last step is to trust the developer profile from Settings. Just like shown in the image above.

Hack Hungry Shark World for iPhone using computer, No Jailbreak (Most Safe):

This method is by far the safest method to install hacked games and apps on iPhone without jailbreak. But the drawback of this method is that you will need to have a computer at your disposal. Basically we will be sideloading the game IPA file using our own Apple account. I have already made a tutorial on how to use Cydia Impactor so you can refer to that tutorial. I will only tell the procedure here very briefly.

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes and install it on your computer. You will also need to download Hungry Shark World hacked IPA and latest version of Cydia Impactor as well.
  2. Once you have all of these ready, open the Impactor and connect your iPhone with the computer using lightning cable. Make sure your iPhone is visible inside Impactor.
  3. Now simply drag and drop the IPA file to the Impactor window and follow the on screen institutions.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password, don’t worry it’s 100% Safe. Just to Register your iPhone inside your Apple ID and that is all it does.
  5. The installation of the game will begin and soon you will see the game on your iPhone.
  6. Last step is to disconnect the iPhone from computer and trust your Apple developer certificate from Settings.Hungry Shark hacked version on iPhone without Jailbreak

If You’re facing any problems using the Cydia Impactor, you can check out my tutorial solving all of the most common Cydia Impactor errors here.

That’s it for this quick tutorial on how to get hacked version of Hungry Shark World on iPhone with unlimited coins and gems without Jailbreak and without Computer. If you liked this tutorial then make sure to share it with friends and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more updates like this.

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