10+ Apps like vShare – Best Instalous Alternatives without jailbreak

If you don’t know about vShare, you should sale your iOS 9 device and get a life, just kidding. VShare is an app store just like installous but in vShare you have thousands of paid apps that you can download and use in your iPhone without needing to jailbreak. Many people ask us, what is the best alternative to vshare because that app is crashing? What do you recommend as installous alternative? Today I am going to answer all of these questions once and for all.

Best apps like VShare without jailbreak

I have seen many articles and posts publish all over the web where different websites are listing jailbreak apps as “Apps like VShare” But this post is strictly for those who are not having the luck to jailbreak.

Before I start to tell you all the alternatives to vshare, I would highly recommend you to go to this link and try to install it once.

Disclaimer: Almost every app listed below allows the users to download paid apps for free which comes under the radar of piracy and we DO NOT recommend our readers to do piracy. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion and responsible for their own actions.

1. Hipstore

apps like hipstore

Hipstore is an app which was once part of Apple’s App store but then it got removed from there because it promoted piracy. Now you can download and install HipStore from here as a standalone app and even after getting removed from the app store, HipStore is still having one of the largest collection of paid apps. Although you might find quite a hand full of apps not working in hipstore but still you can’t complain. Because you are not paying to this VShare alternative.

2. 25pp

free apps like pangu

Just like many other VShare alternatives in this list, 25pp also originates from China. But unlike VShare 25pp is written in Chinese language which means that you have to “Guess” while using the site. You can make the site look like an app by simply adding it to Home and start downloading paid apps for free in your iPhone. Cool thing about 25pp is that they have their own jailbreak team working on exploits. Although they are not as big as PanGu and TaiG but still you can expect a jailbreak from them.

3. AppAddict

apps like installous

AppAddict is also a well known app store where the paying for apps and games is nowhere to be found. Although the app was made for jailbroken devices, cause it requires AppSync to sign pirated apps, There are some work arounds online which can give you a partially working AppAddict app store which may work for some apps.

I would not recommend you AppAddict unless you really want an app and AppAddict is your last resort.

4. Aptoide

Apps like VShare Installous

Aptoide takes the concept of paid apps for free and sets it to a whole new level. You can download almost any paid app for free from Aptoide and cool thing about aptoide is that there are not as many ads as in some other vshare alternates in this list. If you want to give Aptoide a try, go to this link and press the big orange button to install it.

5. Apptracker

apptracker replacement for vshare

Apptracker is claimed to be a intelligent app lifestyle management for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It provide access to the large number of cracked apps for jailbroken devices. It’s a must try for all jailbroken iOS guys out there. Click to download it.


best vshare alternatives

.ipa is the file type of iOS apps, IPASTORE is named after that extenstion because that is what it provides. Just like Installous, VShare and AppCake, ipastore also has one of the largest collection of IPA files that you can install in you iPhone, iPad. Cool thing about iPAStore is that you have to pay a one time fee to access it which makes it a premium-only app store. Once you pay the one time fee, you have access to thousands of paid apps for free and you can also complain if any app doesn’t work. Because you have paid to get in.

7. Zeusmos


Zeusmos is kinda alternative to both VShare and XCode as well because it allows the users to download and use paid apps and it also allows you to sign any app without leaving your phone. You can do it all on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can say that it is a cloud based solution to code-signing. Just like IPAStore, Zeusmos is also a paid solution. If you are really into coding and app-signing then check Zeusmos here.

8. IPA Site

appssu is just another site which hosts .ipa files and you can download them for free but I didn’t find anything fascinating on there. Sure you can download paid apps for free and they might work as well but the site itself looked a bit shady to me.

It looks like the site hasn’t been updated for quite a while because the home page of the site is still showing 3-4 years old apps and games rather than showing latest.

9. Mob IPA Site

Apps like VShare is possibly the biggest database of all the paid and free apps and games at one site. It even has separate sections for Java and Android phones which is just insane. If you didn’t find a paid app from somewhere which actually works, has you covered. You can access the iOS version of here and start downloading paid apps and games for free.

10. iTongPush

best apps like vshare

iTongPush is kind of an old app store which works just like VShare except a lot slower. You can expect the download page of iTongPush to be offline very often. While the downloads are very slow but there are a lot of apps that you can get from iTongPush for free but still I wouldn’t recommend it.

11. Mevvy

mevvy alternative vshare app

Mevvy is yet another replacement for vshare app. It have top picked apps that can be downloaded for free on any iOS powered devices. The user interface of the app is super easy to read and navigate. So it’s overall a great practical alternative. Download Mevvy from this link.

12. Kuaiyong


Unlike AppCola and VShare which are apps, Kuaiyong is a web based app store which installs paid apps in your iPhone and iPod Touch using their developer profile. If you are not aware of how VShare works then let me tell you briefly. Apple allows 3rd party app developers who develop apps for iOS that they can test any app on their devices using XCode. And there is no license verification in that.

3rd party app stores like VShare use this technique to distribute paid apps to users and all they have to do is “Trust” a developer profile by going in Settings > General > Profile section.

13. Appcake


Appcake is one of the alternatives that don’t need any introduction. It is rocking the iOS jailbreaking space since day one of it’s launch. It have a bunch load of apps that are available to download and install at your fingertips. BUT before you go any further, I want to let you know that it works only on jailbroken iPhones. Although there’s a way to install it without jailbreak which you can see here.

14. AppCola

AppCola is no doubt one of the best apps that are like VShare, I have never seen any app promoting itself on social networks and I am talking about paid promotion. Anyways, appcola is available here and you can install it very simply. This app have many paid titles from Apple App Store that you can download and enjoy for free. If you get some errors with Appcola then you are not alone because there are a lot of people reporting crashes.

There you have it guys, I did find a couple of out dated lists which also included some expired apps like VShare. That is why I made this up to date list of top VShare alternatives. Please share this list with others on social media if you found it helpful. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and keep visiting for for more interesting stuff like this. Thank you for reading.

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