AirSpeaker – Use you iPhone as an AirPlay Speaker

Title says it all. Recently released cydia tweak allows you to use your iPhone as an AirPlay speaker. To understand the use of this tweak, I am mentioning a couple of example to let you guys know how this tweak can come in handy. but if you have already understood the use of this tweak, you can download and install this tweak from cydia right now.

AirSpeaker – Turn your iPhone into AirPlay Speaker

The tweak is currently on a custom repository which you have to add to your cydia sources to download and install this tweak on your iOS device. AirSpeaker is a cydia tweak, which means that it doesn’t have any App icon that you are required to open. This way the AirSpeaker is able to run in the background for virtually endless time.

Just to show you the usability of this tweak here are a couple of examples to help you better understand the tweak.

Suppose you are listening to a music track on your Mac. Now if you want to share the music track with your iPhone from your mac, you can turn ON AirSpeaker on your iPhone and connect to your iPhone via Airplay. Just the way you would have connected with an actual Airplay device. And the music will start playing on your iPhone.

With AirSpeaker, you can connect headphone’s with your iPhone and watch NetFlix while listening to the audio in you earpods. This way you wouldn’t be disturbing anyone in your home and you can continue to watch your favorite TV series on your Apple TV. Or you can attach your iPhone with an old 3.5mm Speaker System which doesn’t have AirPlay support and make it AirPlay Supported.

In other words AirSpeaker allows you to beam audio back to your iPhone, from other AirPlay devices. Cool thing about AirSpeaker is that you can change the name of your iPhone and reflect the same “Custom” name on all the AirPlay devices. Setting a password on your AirSpeaker is also possible via the preferances panel.

If you have HackYouriPhone repo already installed in your iOS device, you can download it from there for free as well.

The developer of AirSpeaker, Karen Tsai explains the tweak’s functionality as follows.

AirSpeaker allows you to use your iOS device as an AirPlay speaker, like AirPlayServer and shairport.

This can be useful for those who want to add AirPlay capabilities to an old iPhone/iPod dock, or generic 3.5mm speakers.

AirSpeaker runs as a daemon (system service), and therefore lacks an app icon, as it is not an app.

You may configure and use a password if you wish to do so from its preference pane.

Speaker name is also changeable from AirSpeaker’s preference pane (the default being “AirSpeaker”).

Pro Tip: If you would like to keep the tweak running in the background for longer periods to time, Don’t foget to connect your iOS device with a charger. This is not because of the tweak drains battery or something. Charger is required because iOS is programmed to kill all the apps if your device is on battery power and the screen goes to sleep. Connect the charger just to trick iOS that your phone is docked.  The tweak is compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 so you should not have any issues with compatibility.

Do let us know how you are using AirSpeaker on your iOS device because this tweak is a must if you have cydia. Make sure to follow us on twitter, Google+ because some big giveaways are coming up next.

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