Launch apps iOS 9 folder without opening it – Exsto Cydia Tweak

Today we have Exsto. This is a cydia tweak for your iPhone running iOS 9.1 or earlier. This tweak allows you to choose an app icon from within a folder and launch it without having to open the folder. Once you install Exsto, you get a new option in the Settings app which includes everything you can do with this tweak.

Quickly open app from a folder in iOS 9 without opening that folder

  1. In the settings you can choose to enable or disable it.
  2. Opt to have a notification glow. Basically it adds a reddish glow to the icons which have pending notifications. Just like shown in the picture below.Quickly launch apps from with in the folder in iOS 9.1 cydia jailbreak
  3. You can also limit the number of app that show in the quick access menu. This comes really handy if you have a lot of apps in a folder because if you don’t limit, the quick access menu will look horrible.
  4. It also includes options to set the diameter of the icon circle and the delay before the pop-up shows.

To enable the tweak you just have to tap and hold any folder in your iPhone or iPad and exsto will show all the apps, or whatever limit you have set in settings, in a circular way. The only bug that I found in Exsto is that you can not move you folders around when Exsto is enabled. This is because Exsto also uses the same long hold gesture as the icon arrangement does.

Exsto is available as a paid tweak on the bigboss repo for $0.99 and depending on if you have a lot of folders or not the price can be justified. If you want to try this tweak out before paying, you can get it on Xarold or Biteyourapple repo for free.

Don’t forget to get the legit paid version of the tweak if you liked it because the developers work really hard for these tweaks and they deserve to be paid.

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