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Pokemon Go cheats on iOS and Android

By the time you have probably heard of Pokemon Go, unless you are living under a rock. Basically the idea behind Pokemon Go is, that you have to walk and run around your area to collect Eggs, Pokeballs and Pokemons. Currently pokemon go is not available worldwide which means that you can not play it if it is not available in your country. Today I will show you Pokemon Go cheats for iOS and Android.

Cheating in Pokemon Go actually defeats the purpose of the game, which is to develop a habit of walking among gamers. But if you have some genuine reasons not to go outside for pokemon go then you can hack your location in Pokemon Go.

Disclaimer: Hacking or cheating Pokemon Go may eventually result in a permanent ban. Even if the hacks mentioned below are difficult to detect, people are reporting that their accounts are getting banned. I will recommend you to only use these cheats if you are physically unfit or for some reason their are no pokemons in your area. Pokemon Go is a game Developed by Niantic, Inc. And they are known to ban the crap out of cheaters.

How to hack location in Pokemon Go on iPhone

Although you can install hacked games and paid apps for free on iPhone without jailbreak in iOS 9 and 10, unfortunately that is not the case with Pokemon Go. To hack your location in Pokemon Go on iPhone, you will need a jailbreak. If you haven’t jailbreak yet then here is a step by step guide.

If you don’t have cydia then you are out of luck, unfortunately. If you want to play pokemon go on jailbroken iPhone then check our guide here.

  1. Open Cydia and open the sources section inside it. You’ll need to add a source in your cydia.
  2. Add this repo inside cydia and press Done. www.williamlcobb.com/repo
  3. Now search for PokemonGoAnywhere. This tweak is specially for those who need Pokemon Go cheats. In other words who don’t want to go outside to explore the environment.
  4. Once the tweak is installed, open pokemon go and you shall see a couple of buttons floating. With these buttons, you can enable tab to walk.
  5. Simply tap the area in map that you want to walk and your pokemon character will walk their.
  6. You can also change waking speed of your pokemon go character with this tweak.

Hack Pokemon Go location in Android

Unlike iOS, in Android you can convert Pokemon Go into a PC game. Or rather I should say, play Pokemon Go on PC. Because there are tons of android emulators available around, you can install any android emulator and start playing it on PC.

To hack your location inside pokemon go, you will need to have your android phone rooted. You can find root guide of your android phone on XDA developer forum and continue to follow the below.

Unlike iOS where you have to just install a cydia tweak and that’s all, in android you have to install a couple of apps and go through a bit tricky stuff to make it working.

  1. Download Pokemon Go from Google Play Store below. If you are from a country where pokemon go is not available then click here for direct APK file.pokemon go cheat ios android
  2. You will also need to download and install FakeGPS and Lucky Patcher in your android phone or emulator.
  3. Once you have everything installed, go to Settings > Location and turn off every location service that is available in there. If you are running an emulator on windows, then you will also need to turn off location services from windows settings. Just search for location in start menu search and turn it off.
  4. Now open Lucky patcher and here you will need to install FakeGPS as a system App. For referance I have added image below. Basically install fakegps first and then make it system app.
  5. Open FakeGPS and set your location where you want your phone to think you are. Here you are hacking location of your phone as a whole, so any app that will try to see your location will find your FakeGPS location.how to hack location in pokemon go
  6. Once done, open Pokemon Go and now you have successfully hacked your location in pokemon go.

If you are looking for a unlimited eggs or unlimited pokemons hack then you are out of luck. Pokemon Go is an online game which needs an internet connection to work. Hence all your stats are stored in their servers, if you want to get unlimited eggs or pokemons then keep dreaming.

That is it for this quick tutorial, please stay safe and don’t run into something while catching your pokemon. Don’t forget to share, comment and follow if you find this tutorial helpful.

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    1. Hello Alexis. Welcome to the community.

  1. When I open Lucky Patcher and Click on Fake GPS tools i oy have Clone, backup, and Share, i dont have anything else. How were you able to get more options. I downloaded the three apps, turned off my location, set a fake location on GPS and went to Lucky Patcher. Can you help me out?

  2. Just use fly GPS you can dl it in Google store

    1. But then you have to enable mock locations. Poke go detects that and it doesnt work.

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