Online multiplayer android games: Top 5 of all time

Playing games on android is not a new thing. Gaming on this platform is growing day by day. There are bunch of Online multiplayer android games available to download and play. Multiplayer games are the best way to connect with other gamers. There are two types of multiplayer games, one is local and other one is online.

Local multiplayer games can be played locally on single device. This is specially for the people who don’t have a solid internet connection. Also if you don’t want to play with any random player but with the person sitting with you. We are listing the five of locally played multiplayer games for android below.

Action For 2-4 players

It is a free game with in-app purchases available at Google playstore. Action for 2-4 players is a soccer game that can be played by 2-4 players locally. It engages you with tank fight, car race and soccer. Together these three options creates a good combination and helps to pass the time.

Fruit Ninja

This game is a great hit and is quite famous among the peeps. It is a very addictive game. If you know, this game has an offline mode where it allows the player to go head to head with the person sitting next to him. The winner in this game will be the one who cut the most no. of fruits and perform most combos.

Glow Hockey

It is quite same like the Air hockey game. Glow hockey is a pure experience of Air hockey game. The only thing which is changed is that you’ve to goal with just swiping your finger on device instead of physically moving the whole arm. It allow two users to play and the objective to win is simple. Score as many goals as needed.

Bad Land

This is the most breathtaking adventure game that can be played locally by two players. When you go head to head with your friend in this game, you need to clear the stages quickly before your friend does. When you will do that, you’ll be a winner in this game.

Battle Slimes

It is a free offline multiplayer game which can be played by two to four players. Where your character is a small slime and you compete with others. If you remembered the super smash bros video game then you’ll definitely like this game as it is a simple version of that game.

You can checkout the the list of 14 best local multiplayer android games featured on Android Authority.


Coming to the second and last type of multiplayer games. Online multiplayer games are one that can be played over wifi or net connection. As we mentioned in the beginning, they allow you to play with random human players around the world. Now as we told you the types of multiplayer games. Lets list the top 5 Online multiplayer android games of all time.

Note that we aren’t promoting any app/game here and the list below is just based on our personal choice. And all the games below are free android multiplayer games. 

Top 5 Online multiplayer android games

Modern Combat 5 

Online multiplayer android games

This game is a super replacement of games like call of duty and battlefield on android phones. Modern combat 5 is one of the most high quality FPS game available for android. The graphics are just amazing. With the single player option, it also allows to team up with friends or other players and then go head to head with other team. Its a strategic warfare game in which you have all the weapons and explosives to beat the opponents. It also allows to do a group chat which is a amazing feature. All these features are free to avail means this game is totally free to download from playstore.

Mortal Kombat X

It is the most brutal fighting game for android. The violence and brutality in the fights of this game is worth experiencing. It is a famous console game which recently got available on android. Its multiplayer feature allows the user to select his/her icon fighter and create a team of 3 players. After that the user got head to head with other players around the globe. User just need to crush and perform brutal fatalities on opponents to win the fight. Just head over to playstore to download this game for free.

N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition

free android multiplayer games

It is free replacement to Halo game on android platform. Its gives almost same gameplay and action like the Halo. It delivers the ultimate high end graphics on android. This graphics part makes this game more attractive. It gives a whole lot of action and allows a 12 player battle with 7 modes. Create strategies with your team and crush your opponents.

Clash Of Clans 

best local multiplayer android games

Who don’t know about this game. This game is the real thing when it comes to create strategies and play in group. Clash of clans is surely one of the best online multiplayer games available for smartphones. It allows the players to build a strong village, an army and then attack the other players. It’s most interesting feature is that you can join hands with friends or other players to help each other by joining the clans. Players of this game are crazy about it. Checkout the clash of clans tricks 2016 to win every loot.

8 Ball Pool 

multiplayer android phone games

In the end of our list of 5 best multiplayer games on android, our last pick is 8 ball pool. It is also a very famous online two player android game. This one is specially for the people who are fed up of shooting, killing and strategy games. It is quite calm game and just need the concentration skills to win. It is cross platform game which is available free to download and play. It allows user to play with random or invited user over the internet connection. Checkout our 8 ball pool hack iPhone with No Ban guide.

So these were the top games to play with friends on android. If we missed out any other game which deserves to be in this list Online multiplayer android games. Then just comment below to let us know about it. Don’t forget to hit the share buttons and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list. Thank You.

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