Play Pokemon Go on Jailbreak iPhone – Bypass Jailbreak

Pokemon Go is making quite a lot of buzz because of the immersive experience. Unlike other video games where you just sit and play, pokemon go is a GPS-based game, which means you have to walk to all the places around to catch all the pokemons and balls. If you happen to have a jailbroken iPhone then unfortunately you can’t play Pokemon Go. That is because there is a jailbreak check which crashes the game if it detects jailbreak. Today I will show you different methods to play Pokemon Go on Jailbroken iPhone.

This quick little tutorial will become even more prominent when pokemon go becomes more popular and even more when next jailbreak is released. This tutorial is incredibly simple and you just have to install cydia tweak and pokemon go will work on jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Now if you have a jailbroken iPhone and you install Pokemon Go, it will detect if you have cydia installed in your iPhone. Once it makes sure that there is cydia installed in your iPhone, it will crash Pokemon Go on it’s own.

Play Pokemon Go on jailbroken iPhone

  1. First of all you have to install Pokemon Go in your iPhone from the link given pokemon go on jailbroken iPhone crash fix
  2. Now open cydia and search for tsprotector 8+ ( This tweak is paid solution which allow you to blacklist multiple apps from detecting jailbreak. If you want to bypass jailbreak detection for only 1 app then you can use it without activating for free)pokemon go jailbreak bypass
  3. Once you have installed the tsportector 8+ then you have to respring your iOS device.
  4. After your iPhone is resprung, open Settings and go to tsprotector settings.
  5. Just turn ON the flip switch to Enable the tweak.
  6. Here you have to make sure that the Filtering mode is set to Black list and then open the list of Black List apps.
  7. Select Pokemon Go from the list of apps and now you have to simply launch Pokemon Go from the homescreen.

Just in case if you don’t want to install tsprotector or it stops working, there is another tweak that was built solely for this purpose. Follow the steps given below to bypass pokemon go jailbreak detection bypass.

Pokemon Go Jailbreak bypass

  1. Open Cydia and head over to the sources section.
  2. There you have to tap on edit and then add this source highlighted below.
  3. Once you have done adding this source inside your cydia, Search for PokePatch.
  4. After the tweak is done installing, respring you iPhone and you should be good to go.

Alternative method

There is another alternative cydia tweak which does the exact same thing. I am listing all the different methods just because if one method stops working in the future then there will be other method still working.

  1. Open cydia and head over to the sources section.
  2. Tap on the edit button in the top corner and then tap on the Add button. Here you have to add this source mentioned below.
  3. Once the source is completely added inside cydia, search for “MasterBall” tweak from this source and install it.
  4. Respring your iPhone after the installation of tweak and you should be good to go.

Congrats! Now you can play pokemon go on jailbroken iPhone because of these working Pokemon Go Jailbreak bypass. You can use any of the methods mentions above to accomplish the same thing.

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  1. Thank you Steve, but… sorry… NONE of these 3 methods work on my Iphone 4S, NOR on my Ipad 2 , both with jailbroken IOS 9.02 !!!

    1. It is working fine for everyone. I would suggest that there is probably another tweak conflicting.

  2. Working In 13 august? Steve ?

  3. Steve you have method more easy for iPhone version 9.3.1 ? Because no have more pokemon go i not understand . You have similar tutuapp? Nevasse is easy method .

  4. Hi steve, still i can’t play my pokemon go after i tried all of these methods. Is their anything you could help me?

  5. Hi Steve,
    on several forums I read that Pokémon is ONLY working from Iphone 5 on and NOT on 4S !…. would that be the problem ?

  6. robert toh says:

    Great! it works for my iPhone6! thanks!

  7. Good morning

    As of Pokemon Go September update, tsprotector stopped working for us (previously ok).

    On earlier iOS and jailbreak.

    Tried the other tweaks but no good.

    trying xcon, but now concerned I’ve got around 3 or 4 tweaks trying to do the same thing and conflict is bound to creep in sometime soon.

    Any ideas?

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