Ipad pro review, camera samples, pros and cons

Is the iPad Pro worth it? That’s what I will today discuss in this iPad pro review. So without any further due lets get to the review and see if the iPad Pro is a good choice to make and can it replace your traditional laptop as Apple is claiming with a “PRO” tag.

iPad Pro Review

At first glance you might think the most notable thing about Apple’s new iPad Pro is its giant size or its gorgeous high resolution display but actually the more interesting thing about the new iPad Pro is its price. Because when you consider the price of $799 to the base model $1079 for the top of the line iPad Pro, then optional $99 stylus, $169.00 keyboard, you are entering a new category. The big leagues. That’s as much as Apple’s own MacBook Air or Microsoft Surface pro and they are you know real computers not just tablets.

I know I know the distinction almost feels outdated but isn’t that the point so the big question around the iPad Pro is, Who is it for? do you really need this much of an iPad and can it replace your day-to-day laptop?

Ipad pro review, camera samples
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Ok let’s start by talking about how big the iPad Pro is. It has a 12.9 inch diagonal display larger than any iPad before it. The new iPad Pro is 1.5 pound heavier also for an iPad. But as with almost everything in tech gadgetry it’s really a matter of relativity.

Is a 12.9 inch diagonal display big? Sure, for a tablet. But that’s about the same size and weight is Microsoft’s new surface Pro 4 and it still smaller than my 13 inch MacBook Pro and wider than the MacBook Air. The iPad Pro has a super high-resolution display so photos videos and even text look insanely good on it.

Under the hood is Apple’s newest chip architecture the A9X Chip which Apple claims offers double the CPU and double the graphics performance of the chip on iPad Air 2. And apple claims 10 hours of battery life. On my test it came in just under that.

Ipad pro review, pros and consIt is without a doubt the most powerful iPad ever in fact there are a lot of things about it that makes this feel like a full computer. you can multitask with split screen so you can run various apps like Gmail and Slack or Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel side-by-side in their full size.

Speaking of performance iPad Pro is the first ever iPad which is capable of rendering multiple Streams of 4K video which is insane. If you are like me who likes to watch a lot of 4K content and don’t want to leave your couch, you’ll love this iPad Pro. On the flip side the camera on iPad Pro is not so Pro. Apple shouted about the improved camera in their keynotes as well but it is not as impressive as the iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6. Here are a few samples to have a look.

backcam4 backcam1 backcam2 backcam3

If you pony up for the Apple pencil you can do pretty remarkable stuff with software like AutoCAD 360, Paper by FiftyThree, Adobe Photoshop Fix. I’ve been working on my dream kitchen and paper, making a mock-up of a Christmas card, I edited photos in Photoshop fix even try to design a 3d model for a car in the app YouMake. Although honestly looked more like a car crash than a car.

iPad Pro 1

There is something unapologetically Apple about revealing a white pencil and calling it pencil and charging $99 for it and it’s lacking some basic design elements that something like Microsoft Surface stylus has. The top part of it doesn’t work as an eraser, It’s not magnetized, it doesn’t have a clip if you wanna get old school nerdy and sticking your shirt pocket or something but this pencil is technologically impressive! When using other stylus is often results in a tiny bit of latency, the Apple Pencil felt really accurate when I was using it.

It has a tilt sensor so it knows when you’re shading. Basically it felt like using a pencil. Then there is the keyboard. Maybe even more so than the Pencil, Apple really is taking a page from Microsoft here with this cover keyboard. But the addition of Apple’s own keyboard really does make the iPad Pro feell like a PC replacement. It looks like a standard iPad Smart Cover but a quadrant of the cover is all keys.

iPad Pro keyboard

Using a magnetic Smart connector the iPad snaps into the smart cover keyboard and then the keyboard itself draws power from the iPad so you don’t ever need to charge it. Its layout mirrors the MacBook keyboard layout. Though it’s missing the whole top row and ofcourse the trackpad.

Ok so just who is the iPad Pro for? The most obvious answer is that it’s for people who just want a giant iPad and have some cash to spare. But it’s also for people who want to play in the surprisingly big world of creativity apps for iOS and it could end up being used quite a bit in the enterprise market.

iPad Pro keyboard

The bigger question for everyone else then is whether this can replace a laptop? on the one hand it can’t fundamentally do all the things an MacBook can. It can’t give you Adobe’s desktop version of creative apps or even Apple’s own Final Cut Pro.

While split screen and slide over features are nice, it just isn’t a replacement for the ability to position to manipulate multiple windows on a desktop. But even with those limitations, I can say firmly that it comes dangerously close to being a MacBook replacement. I would actually take this on my tax business trip in place of my laptop.

I have never felt that way about an iPad before. 5 years ago Steve Jobs said that PCs were trucks implying that tablets would be cars or something else more efficient. That never happened with the iPad which consumers have primarily seen as a consumption device, not a creation device. With the iPad pro that very well could change.

So there you have it. The iPad pro review, camera samples, pros and cons. Do you guys think the iPad Pro is worth it? Let me know in the comments below.

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