Lylac for iOS 9 – Cydia Tweak for multitasking

Is your iPhone’s home button dying? Do you want to know how to save iPhone home button? Lylac for iOS 9 is a Cydia tweak which changes your iPhone control center into a AppSwitcher-Multitasking hybrid.

Lylac for iOS 9

Lylacs for iOS 9 is a free tweaks which lets you do some really cool stuff to your iPhone. Reason why I am saying iPhone specifically is because the tweak does not support iPad. It has many features in it and I have listed some of them below.

Features of Lylac for iOS 9

Lylac for iOS 9 lets you combine multitasking Apps switcher and control Center in a really awesome way. The reason why I asked you about the home button is because with Lylac for iOS 9 you just have to swipe up from bottom of screen and where you access the Control center, now you have all your recent apps on same panel. No need to hit the home button twice.

Lylac for iOS 9 Cydia tweak

It also enables some extra 3D touch gestures in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. With lylac for ios 9 you can access the app switcher by 3D-swiping the screen from right edge.

Kill all apps with 1 swipe. With lylac for iOS9 you can swipe from bottom of screen and access the multitasking but if you swipe and kill your home screen, all the apps will be removed from iPhone’s memory.

lylac for iOS 9

There are many settings withing lylac for ios 9 that you can change. Like the blur, darkness and layout of the control center which is not also including multitasking screen.

Lylac is available in HYi repo for free and you should definitely install it if you really want to enhance your multitasking experience. Also it helps in saving home button of iPhone.

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