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How to create new game center account in iOS

Today I will guide you how to create new game center account. In iOS you can sync your highest scores with your game center account, add new friends and compete with them as well. It is kind of like Google Play Games in Android but of course Google Play games came after Game Center. If you are like me who whould like to have more than one game center accounts so that you can have multiple identities or anything.

Multiple Game Center accounts can help you keep multiple villages in clash of clans, multiple id in 8 ball pool and what not. Sometimes you end up loosing your clash of clans village, although we have a guide to get it back but it is always good to have multiple game center accounts. So you don’t have to start from first level, In case if one account is having some issue.

How to create a new game center account?

Well this question can drive some new iOS users crazy because if you look into the game center, there is no option to log out of your current account. Which makes it look like you can’t get more than 1 game center account which is totally wrong.

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  • First you need to make sure that you are not currently logged in to your previous game center account. Which you probably are, so first you have to log out of your current game center account.
  • Open settings and go to iCloud option.
  • Now tap on sign out. If you have Find your iPhone turned ON, your iPhone will ask you for the password.
  • Once you have logged out of iCloud, Open game center settings. And then you will see your apple id listed in the next page.How to create a new game center account in ios
  • Now you have to tap on you Apple ID and there you will see a popup. Just tap on sign out and you should be out of your Game Center Account.Create new game center account
  • After signing out of the previos game center account, press home button and launce the game center.
  • Now tap on create a new Apple ID and start creating your new game center account by entering your email address. Make sure that you are using an email address which is not associated with any Apple ID before.
  • Next you have to Select your country, Emter your full name, Address etc.
  • If you want to create apple id without credit card then you can follow this guide.
  • Once you have finished creating the Apple ID. You can launch any of the games installed in your iphone and enjoy a new game center account.

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That is it for this tutorial. Make sure to share it with others on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that your friends and followers ca also enjoy new game center accounts. Follow us on twitter and let us know about your experience.

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  1. I get as far as signing out and when I go back in to create a new Game Center ID. It takes me straight through to iCloud and signs me back in. Argh!
    I have two advanced Clash of Clans villages two different devices under the same Game Center and Apple ID. However now I have a new iPhone I want to use this. Help!

    1. Thanks for your comment Alisa,

      In order to make a new Game Center ID you might also need to temporarily logout of and iTunes/AppStore as well. Although I still can logout of game center without logging out of iTunes and it is weird behavior.
      Just try and logout of iTunes/AppStore and let me know if you were able to create new Game Center account or not.

      Also make sure that you don’t have gamecenter already running in the backgroud when you are opening it again after logging out.

  2. Hi, I am having the same problem as Alisa. T logged out of iTunes but it still takes me to my iCloud page when I click to create a new account.

  3. Hi Steve I am having the same problem as Alisa. I tried logging out of iTunes and App Store but it didn’t make any difference. It still keeps automatically sending me to iCloud every time I try to set up a new account in game centre.

    1. What error you are facing?

  4. For some reason, why I try to make a Game Center account, it brings me to my iCloud on settings

  5. I also have this problem, it doesn’t let u create a new game centre it brings iCloud up…
    Please help it’s driving me mad

  6. Doesn’t work, I did everthing it said but I loaded up my Clash Of Clans and it was the same village but I had the new game center. Please help.

    1. Brian Gaines says:

      I am having the same issue.

      1. I have updated the guide. Now you should be able to logout and create new account. You will also need to uninstall your game beforehand.

  7. I signed out of my game center to do a new one and it did not work. wont let me do a nickname and even signed out of my original game center it was still my clash account.

  8. Whenever I log out of my Game Center account, creating a new account is not an option. My only options are to sign in or select “Forgot my Password.” I tried signing out of my apple ID as well as making an entirely new one. This is getting really frustrating. iOS 10 has been out for awhile, how is there nothing about this problem?

    1. I’m having this same issue

  9. Axel blaze says:

    Guys here the problem of all yours questions if u want to make a new Game Center account for any game first u need to make a new Game Center account than u need to format your iphone than u can login with your new game center account then u can simple go to the Game Center and switch your accounts bt u guys need to format your iphone to link the game for the first time..

  10. pandug sai kalyan mudhiraj says:

    How to create an a new account of ios

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