Close All safari tabs at once – iOS 9 tweak

If you love browsing web on your iPhone, I bet you would have wished for it. I don’t blame you if you are a web browsing hog, I am also an web browsing hog. With this tweak, you can close all safari tabs at once.

How to close all safari tabs at once in iPhone

We all know that “Close all” button is missing from Safari app, and we badly need one. “Safari Close All Tabs” adds a close close all button is safari browser so that you can click that and get rid of all the open tabs in safari. Well you can do the same thing with CloseAll cydia tweak but “Safari Close All Tabs” adds an extra feature which will allow you to prevent selected tabs of your choice from closing.


You just have to hold 2 fingers on the tab you want to lock in the RAM and there will be a red lock icon which will indicate that the tab is locked in RAM and will not close if you click on the cross button.

Safari Close All Tabs” cydia tweak is available for free at the big boss repo and you can install it. Once istalled you may need to respring your iPhone and after that you’ll see a button in safari tab switcher. for more info see the image below.

how to close all safari tabs at once

As you may have noticed Red Lock icon next to some tabs in the image. These are the tabs which are locked in memory and you the close all button wouldn’t close these tabs.

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Video Demo

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