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Download youtube videos without jailbreak – Youtube++ for iOS 9, 10

Youtube is the number 1 video search engine and 2nd search engine overall next to Google. Recently youtube announced a service called YouTube Red which is a paid subscription service allowing the users to watch youtube videos without any ads and download videos for offline viewing. While this might sound amazing, you have to pay a premium for that. Today I will show you how to install YouTube++ in your iPhone running iOS 9 or 10 without needing to jailbreak.

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How to download YouTube videos in iPhone without jailbreak

In this tutorial we will install YouTube++ in our ios 9 and ios 10 devices which will allow us to download YouTube videos without YouTube Red. If you are not familiar with YouTube++ then essentially it is official youtube app for your iPhone without some additional features.

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Here are top features of YouTube++

  1. Download Videos for offline viewing
  2. Save downloaded videos to the Camera Roll
  3. Background Playback: Minimize youtube videos and keep listening to the audio
  4. Disable age restriction on the videos.
  5. Block annoying video ads
  6. Forward Rewind and Control speed of video playback

These are only some of many features of YouTube++. All you have to do is open this link in Safari web browser in your iPhone to install YouTube++ in iOS 9 and 10.Download youtube videos in iPhone without jailbreak using Youtube++

Now tap on “Install app” and you will see a pop up. Simply install the app and soon it will get installed in your iPhone.

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Although YouTube++ allows you to block the ads but I highly discourage you to use that feature because this will result in a loss of YouTube video creators and they don’t deserve this. In a nutshell, you are snatching money from YouTube creators, if you will block Ads, which is wrong.

That is it for now, If you found this tutorial helpful and you were able to install and enjoy YouTube++ in iOS 9 and 10 without any hickups and make sure to tweet this post and share it with you friends and Facebook, Google+ and I will catch you soon.

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