how to install iOS 10 without developer ID

How to update iPhone to iOS 10 without dev account

Hay guys, Today I will show you how to install iOS 10 beta firmware in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without needing to have Apples Developer account. Currently iOS 10 is only available for those who have Apple developer account but today I will show you how you can get iOS 10 without it.

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How to update iPhone, iPad to iOS 10?

Basically when you login to your developer account you have to install developer profile. I am going to provide you that profile so you dont have to have a developer account.

Before I begin with the step by step guide to iOS 10 update, I would like to tell you that iOS 10 is still a work in progress and you will most likely face bugs and problems. I don’t recommend you to use it as your daily driver.

  1. First of all you have to open safari on your iPhone. I will be using my iPad in this guide but the process is completely identical.
  2. Now open this link and download the file as shown in the image below. ( This link might die in sometime, I recommend you to upload this file somewhere and link it in the comments to help others). How to update iPhone to iOS 10 without developer account.
  3. Now your iPhone will take you to your setting where you have to approve the Apple developer profile. You will need to input your passcode.
  4. Then it will ask you to restart your iPhone, just go ahead and restart your iPhone.
  5. Once restarted completely, go inside the Settings > General and Software Update and your iPhone will start looking for any beta firmware available for your iPhone.
  6. If your iOS device is compatible with iOS 10, you will se the update available and you can install it just like a normal software update.

You might also need to use a VPN app such as this, because iOS 10 is not available globally yet. You will loose your jailbreak if you update to iOS 10.

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