how to download instagram profile image in full size

Download instagram profile pictures in full size on Android

Instagram is a great social network from where you can see photos and videos from your friends and celebrities you follow. While instagram profile photos are one of the best source of getting perfect picture of someone, it is not very easy to download profile picture of any instagram user. Today I will show you how to download profile picture of any instagram user in full resolution.

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Before I start with the tutorial I want to let you know that downloading profile picture of someone without them agreeing is not recommended. You are advised to ask them for permission.

How to download instagram profile picture in android full resolution

Great thing about this method is that it works on any instagram user no matter what. This will let you download their profile picture even if the user has set up privacy.

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Without any delay let’s get started and download profile picture of any instagram user in full resolution.

  1. Open Google Play store and search for “InstaPP” or you can simply click the link given below to go to directly to the app in play store. Make sure that your phone is running at least Android 4.1 Jelly bean because this app is not supported by older versions.Download profile picture of instagram user in android
  2. One the app is successfully installed, open the app and you shall see something like this.Download instagram profile picture in full size on android
  3. Now enter username of the instagram user you want to download the profile picture of. Make sure that the username is 100% correct.
  4. Press Go button and the app shall retrieve profile picture of entered user. Once you see the profile picture, press download this picture and the profile picture will get saved inside sdcard or internal storage of your Android phone and you can use that picture for whatever you want.

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There you have it guys, now you know how to download profile picture of instagram user in full resolution on android. If you liked this quick tutorial then please make sure to share it with others and follow us on twitter Facebook and Google+


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