Pandora One APK file Download

Pandora One APK Review – Unlimited Skips, Replays, No Ads for Free?

Pandora Music is one of the best music streaming services. And just like any other streaming service, you have to either watch ads or pay a premium to use it. A couple of years ago, Pandora released a premium version of their mobile app called Pandora One. The app has been abandoned by the company and now they have Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium instead. But some developers took the old Pandora One APK and modified it to make it work for free. Today I will take a look at the Pandora One APK and see if it is a good idea to use it over the Fremium option.

Pandora One APK file Download

What is Pandora One APK?

With the free version of Pandora music, you get very limited access to the service’s content and that also with ads. You also have to face some service timeouts if you just want to put up the music for all the time. Basically, Pandora doesn’t want to fill in empty rooms with music that they are paying royalties on. They have come up with a feature called timeouts which needs the user to interact with the app or website every now and then. The Pandora One APK also promises to remove this timeout.

Basically, the Pandora One APK is a modified version of the music app. This version allows you all of the premium features of the service for free. Now if we take a look at the way internet works, we will notice that there is not even 1% of the web which is completely free. Either you have to pay money to use any internet service or you pay the price with your privacy. A prime example of this would be Facebook. They sell your interests and likings to brands, just so they can sell their products to you.

Is Pandora One APK safe to use?

While apps like Pandora One APK are fun to use, it might not be safe. The developers behind this app might be selling your privacy to someone else. Let me take a look at the APK and then I will provide the Download link if I find it safe to use.

First of all, let’s upload the Pandora One APK file to a free online tool called Virus Total. This tool checks any file for virus and malwares.

Pandora one APK download

As you can see the APK file has a hidden Trojan Malware which will cause you issues. Even if you have no sensitive information, like Credit card or Bank details, on your phone, the malware can infect your phone and make it a zombie machine. I explained this subject in a lot of detail in my DDOS introduction.

Basically, the hackers give users something premium for free and inject malware in their devices. This helps them make a huge network of infected devices. This network is called zombie network. Now the hackers can use this network to launch a Denial of service attack anywhere.

Download Pandora One APK

As I mentioned earlier, I will provide you with the download link of Pandora One APK only if the file is safe to use. And as you have seen above that the file is infected with malware. I can not provide download link but luckily there has been a new update to the Pandora music service.

Pandora one APK download

Pandora premium for free without Jailbreak

How to use Pandora Premium for free legally?

Now you can enjoy all of the premium features of Pandora music if you are willing to watch video ads. Pandora has come up with a feature of Trial session. Basically, all you have to do is install the Pandora app from the store and login with your free account.

Next, search for any song or track and it will give you an option to listen to that song by unlocking the trial session. How to unlock the trial session? Just watch a 15 seconds video ad and you can listen to that song. Not only that one song, you can also listen any of the 40 million songs. Currently, it’s not clear how long the session lasts but it certainly lasts more than one song. This is the best alternative to Pandora One APK and Pandora++ apps. At least you are not compromising security if your data and whole Internet.

That’s it for this quick update, if you found it useful then make sure to share it with your friends and followers. Also do let us know how your experience was, using the Trial session in the comments section below.

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