Xbox Emulator Android – Play XBox 360 games on Android

Did you ever wish to play your favorite XBox games on your Android device? Let it be your Android phone, Tablet or any other device; you can do it. Today in this tutorial, I will show you how you can play Xbox 360 games on an Android phone without root. For this tutorial, we will be using XBox Emulator Android, APK file of which you can get from the link given at the end of this tutorial.

XBox Emulator Android: Play Xbox 360 games on Android?

First of all, you will need to make sure that the XBox 360 game you want to play on your Android phone is not a game with very heavy 3D graphics. Despite the Android phones and tablets becoming more and more powerful every day, XBox 360 still has a very powerful graphics processing unit, and you will not be able to play heavy games like GTA 5, Crisis and Battlefield 3.

You can only play games with lighter graphics on your Android phone. That being said, let’s start playing XBox 360 games on our Android devices for free. 😉

  1. Download the XBox Emulator for Android APK file on your Android device using the link given belowXbox emulator android
  2. You will also need to download FlyVPN app from this link. FlyVPN is required as the XBox emulator app is only available in China and you will need to mask your IP address with Chinese IP.XBOX 360 emulator for Android APK file
  3. Open the FlyVPN app and connect to a Chinese server. For reference, you can see the screenshot attached emulator for android free download
  4. Now, open the APK file for the Emulator and install it as a normal app. If you are installing an APK file for the first time, you will see a warning message. Go to Settings > Security and here you will need to enable “Unknown Sources” and then install the APK file again.
  5. Once installed, you will see a Chinese app on your Android phone, this is the best XBox Emulator for android and unfortunately, it is in Chinese.
  6. Next, you will need to tap on the button highlighted in the picture below and you will be logged into the Xbox emulator. Now keep in mind that the game graphics are being rendered on a server located in china and you must have to have a high-speed connection to play the games with minimum emulator android apk download free
  7. Select your favorite XBox game from the list of games and tap on the Chinese button shown below in the image. xbox emulator android apk download
  8. Wait for a few seconds and the game will start. You will see a gamepad on your screen and you can play it using that gamepad.

That is it for this quick post about XBox emulator for android. If you found this tutorial helpful and you were able to play xbox games on android phone then make sure to share it with others on social netowrks and follow us on twitter for more tutorials like this.

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