Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

You’ve probably heard the term the Cloud Computing or Cloud Storage but not everyone necessarily understands exactly what the cloud is or how to use it? What are the Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages for you as an individual person? Today we’re going to cover on a very broad level that what the cloud can do for you.

Traditional storage methods include things like internal hard drives inside your PC that’s where in the past we store our data. Next moving away from there we’ve got things like external hard drives like USB etc which we used to store our special data usually backups etc so if something happens to our PC, we can have that data back on our PC. But as we have mentioned that these traditional storage methods are now part of the past.

The cloud refers basically to a NAP that is accessed using the Internet and controlled by someone other than yourself. For example, Dropbox is the cloud storage provider where you can just copy your files to the Dropbox folder and they’re magically available anywhere. Basically Dropbox has huge servers that store all your data in one place so you can access it from anywhere. Even social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also using methods of cloud computing and cloud storage as all your photos, videos are accessible and available anywhere. Now we’ll discuss Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages.

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Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of cloud computing are many, one is so economical. The huge companies with massive buying power are buying all the hard drives and they’re saying that they will take care of your data and will keep it safe. And the reality of it is companies like Google are keeping your data safe. They are using RAID level redundancy within a single machine to ensure that the data is backed up. They are also backing up that entire machine on another machine somewhere else in the data center. Then they’re taking that whole data center and they are backing it up on a completely different continent. All at the same time. So even in an earthquake or in a fire, one of their data centers would not make you lose your data, that’s amazing. You can’t protect your data that well on your own without investing in expensive equipment, maintaining it regularly and going through a fair amount of hassle and learning quite a bit about networking as well as about storage so it’s worth it.

Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, Cloud gives a lot of advantage to business in this new digital world. Cloud help you to manage your cost. For example, your company wants to record your customers, information and financial states by using computer system. Your company has to invest for the server, hardware, software, maintenance cost, Engineers, etc. These cost your company a very high expense. But if you use Cloud instead, you do not have to pay for that expense. What you only have to pay is the Cloud service fee. You just upload your content to your cloud. Cloud saves your time. And nowadays, business is in high competition. You have to be always ready. Cloud technology will be able to bolster your business because no matter where you are in this world, you can access to the information on cloud 24/7 by using smart devices, notebook, or desktop computer which have access to the Internet. It is obvious that Cloud helps your business moving forward without derailing or wasting your time.

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Storing files in the cloud is a great way to protect your important files from accidents, viruses, and more. You can use cloud-based storage services like Mozy or Carbonite to back up the contents of your computer. These services run continually and back up automatically, so you will always have the most recent versions of your files stored in secure online servers. If something bad happens to your computer, you can easily transfer your backup files from your storage service to another device. No matter how you use your computer, tablet, or smart phone, the cloud has something to offer you. Whether it’s checking your email when you’re traveling, backing up the photos and music that you love, or using web apps to work in different locations, the cloud can and already is making your life, and the technology in it, more manageable. Now moving to the second part of this Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages article. We are going to discuss the disadvantages of cloud computing so you can know about the drawbacks of it as well.


By surrendering your data to someone else you’re giving them not only the access to it but also accountability for it. So if a warrant is served they don’t have to necessarily go through you to get your data, they can actually go to one of these companies depending on the laws in the country that you happen to reside in. Something to bear in mind there’s also the privacy that you’re giving up by allowing someone to go through all your data. Facebook is a great example where if you’re a young female who is in engaged status, your Facebook time line is going to be covered with wedding rings, wedding planners and dresses. And all those kinds of ads that are targeted directly to you that’s what pays for Facebook to have enough SSD’s to store everyone’s home page to make sure that it’s really snappy. Gmail is another great example where you can be reading an email in which your friend writes about going to Hawaii and scuba diving. And now you’re going to see ads for plane tickets, scuba diving centers and all that is just because of the cloud that is storing and reading all this information and then bombarding you with the ads that are most likely to pick your interest whether you’re comfortable with that or not that’s totally up to you.

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Another disadvantage to the cloud computing is that nothing is ever gone because the huge data centers of the cloud storage providers can archive as much information as possible, even information that you don’t necessarily want to be there anymore. So the solution for me is that I store most of my data on a Windows Home Server and I can access that from anywhere, it’s kinda like my own personal cloud. I can even browse my own pictures on my phone. But still I use services like Facebook, YouTube, MEGA etc because somehow even after knowing their disadvantages. I can’t ignore the huge advantages of them. The ease and time saving we get from cloud computing is great. However, my personal comfort level with the cloud is very medium because I had good experiences with the cloud as well as absolutely terrible experiences.

We tried to put a definitive post about Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages. We hope that you will find this worth reading. Thank you for reading this article and do leave a comment under the post. To let me know what’s your comfort level with the cloud computing and what do you guys think about it? Don’t forget to share it on related communities/pages/groups on social media.

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