5 Best uptime monitoring services to check downtime

Today I will tell you 5 of the best Up Time Monitoring services that I use for my websites. The monitoring services I have listed below are free and have checking interval as low as 1 minute. I have compiled this list based upon my experience, if you find any better monitoring service, don’t hesitate to comment below and I will be more than happy to update this post accordingly.

Best uptime monitoring services

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StatusCake is one of my favorite up time monitoring services out there. Although it checks your server/site every 5 minutes at minimum, the amount of detail it provides can help you figure out what is going on with your site, while you are asleep. Best free up time monitoring service, period. I have listed its features below so you can have in-depth look.

  1. User-friendly Interface
  2. Unlimited number of checks. Add as many sites as you like.
  3. Check from multiple locations around the globe.
  4. Base plan is free and you can upgrade whenever you like to do so.
  5. Free Email Notifications when your site goes down, and comes back up.
  6. You can also buy some SMS credits, which will alert you via SMS when your site goes Down.

best up time monitoring service

Uptime Doctor:

I  use Uptime Doctor as my primary uptime monitoring service for several reasons. The amount of detail UpTime Doctor provides is not as good as StatusCake, but it checks your site every minute. Yes, the minimum check interval is 1 minute which is too good. Uptime doctor allows you to add upto 5 checks for free which it check every minute.

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  • Minimum interval is 1 minute
  • You can signup for a free account and check upto 5 sites every minute.
  • Free email notifications
  • Free SMS notifications as well, you have to buy sms credit after some sms alerts.

Free 1 minute up time monitoring service


Jetpack is a free plugin available for WordPress sites. Did you know 18.9% of all websites use WordPress as their Content Management system? This is the reason I thought of adding this in the list. Although I am not a big fan of jetpack but the amount is functionality this plugin provides is mind-blowing.

Jetpack can check your website every 5 minutes and sends you an email whenever your site goes down and comes back up. Best part of jetpack uptime checker is that it is totally hassle free and free of cost as well.


Host-tracker is a paid solution to your uptime monitoring needs. But they let you try their service for 1 month without any credit card. If you don’t like their service, which will not happen, you can simply close your account with them and they wouldn’t ask you any question.

  • 1 minute check interval
  • Unlimited number of allowed sites.
  • Checks your site from multiple locations around the world.
  • Free Email notifications when any incident happens.
  • Very user-friendly and straightforward UI.

1 minute up time monitoring service

Uptime Robot

Uptime robot is a free uptime monitoring service that lets you monitor upto 50 sites and will alert you via Email, SMS, Twitter and RSS. It checks your site every 5 minutes but you can also check your sites in real-time, with just a single click.

  • Uptime robot is your 2nd best bet after host-tracker.
  • It alerts you via EMail, SMS and twitter as well.
  • With uptime robot, you simply can’t go wrong because it is a fail-safe and risk free option.

1 minute interval up time monitoring service



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So, there you have it, my favorite uptime monitoring services that don’t let you down. If you liked our effort, feel free to tweet about us and share us on Google+, it helps a lot.

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