Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak – Install Kodi 17 Krypton without computer

Amazon Fire TV Stick is the top selling Android TV device for last one year, and there is a reason behind it. It is the cheapest TV device you can get, and it is very easy to jailbreak. In this post, I will tell you multiple Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak ways you can use to install Kodi 17 Krypton on Amazon fire tv stick. This post includes methods where you can jailbreak your fire tv stick with and without using a computer.

Different methods of Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak

There are many of different ways to jailbreak Amazon fire tv stick. Some of the methods are very simple and some are a little tricky. I will take you through all of them so buckle up. Before I show you the list of the methods you can follow to install Kodi 17 Krypton, I want you to know that these methods work on both generations of Amazon Fire TV devices. TV Box and Fire Sticks, both are covered.

  • Using ES File Explorer.
  • Using Android Phone and Apps2Fire.
  • Using Windows or MAC Computer.
  • Using other apps without a computer.

Throughout this post, I will be mentioning Krypton 17.0 and Amazon Fire TV Stick but don’t worry. You can use all of these methods to install older versions of Kodi like Jarvis, etc. Just replace the files with an appropriate version of Kodi, and you should be golden. Let’s get started. Install Kodi 17.0 Krypton on your Amazon Fire Stick TV

Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak using ES File Explorer, without using Computer.

Using ES File Explorer to install Kodi on your fire tv stick, is the most popular way of jailbreaking fire tv stick, but I can get a little tricky at times. I have the method mentioned below, but if you feel like it ‘s hard for you then scroll down to next method.

  1. Turn ON your Amazon Fire TV Stick and make sure that you are connected to the internet. Now you will need to go to Settings of your device.
  2. Navigate to System and select it.
  3. Now scroll down and select Developers Options.
  4. Here you have to Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Look at the image below for reference.Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak
  5. Once done, go back to the main screen of your Fire Stick and now select search from there.
  6. Search for “ES File Explorer, ” and you should be able to find it inside the search results.
  7. Select it, and then install it by selecting the Install button.Install-kodi-17-krypton-amazon-fire-tv-stick
  8. After the ES File Explorer is installed, the install button will turn into “Open” button. Select that button, and it should launch ES File Explorer on your Fire TV Stick.
  9. Now select Favorites from the left menu and click on “+ Add” button. This will show you a pop-up where you have to enter the URL of the Kodi download page. I have given the URL below, just use that, and it will be easier for you. In the “Name” field, give it any name, this is just for reference.


  10. Select Add button and the URL should now be added in the “Favorites” section. Go ahead and select that option from the list of favorites and it will take you to the download page of Kodi.
  11. On that page, you will need to select the latest version of Kodi that you want to install, and the download should start.
  12. If it doesn’t, go to the bottom right corner of the screen where it says “More.” Highlight it and Press OK and then Select “Open in Browser” from there.install kodi 17 krypton on amazon fire stick without computer
  13. After the download is complete, you will need to click “Install” button and the installation process will start.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded the APK file of Kodi on your Fire TV Stick, and now you shall be able to install it just like any other app. Once installed, you shall have your Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak.

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Easiest method of installing Kodi on Fire TV using an Android Phone

If you happen to have an Android phone on you, then you should be able to use that to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick and achieve jailbreak very quickly. Trust me; this is the easiest way around it.

  1. Connect your Android Phone to the same wi-fi network where your Amazon Firestick is connected. You need to make sure that both of the devices and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise it won’t work.
  2. On your Android Phone, Open Google Play Store and install Apps2Fire. Alternatively, you can just click here, and this will take you to Google Play Store automatically.Android-app-on-google-play.svg_
  3. You will also need to Install Kodi on your Android phone, click the link below to go to the Kodi installation page. Keep in mind that your Fire TV stick will get the same version of Kodi as your phone has. If you want to install Krypton, click here and download the latest APK and install it on your phone.Android-app-on-google-play.svg_
  4. On your Fire TV stick, You will need to go to Settings of your device.
  5. Navigate to System and select it.
  6. Now scroll down and select Developers Options.
  7. Here you have to Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Look at the image below for reference.Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak
  8. You will also need to go to Settings > System > About and note down the IP Address of your Amazon Fire TV device.Amazon Fire tv stick jailbreak 2017
  9. After that, all you have to do is Open Apps2Fire on your phone and enter your Fire TV’s IP address in the settings of fire tv stick jailbreak 2017
  10. Now swipe to the right, until you are in “Local Apps” section and here you just have to tap on the Kodi icon and App2Fire will automatically install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick. It will be available under Settings > Applications.

Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak without computer – Easiest method

Just in case if you don’t have an Android phone, what can you do? Well as they say, when there is a will there is a way. That is exactly how I found the next method. I was looking for a way to jailbreak my friend’s Amazon Fire TV stick, and he doesn’t have an Android phone. I started to look for a method which doesn’t require a computer, and I found it. This method doesn’t require a computer or any other external device.

  1. Turn ON your Amazon Fire Stick and connect it to the internet.
  2. Now you will need to go to Settings of your device.
  3. Navigate to System and select it.
  4. Now scroll down and select Developers Options.
  5. Here you have to Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Look at the image below for reference.Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak
  6. Once done, go back to the main screen of your Fire Stick and now select search from there.
  7. Here you have to search for “Downloader”, without quotes and start the search.
  8. You will see a list of results and there you will find an app called “Downloader” with an Orange download icon. You need to download and install that. See the image below for
  9. After you have completely installed the app, you will need to open it, and there you will be able to find a very simple user interface. And that is exactly what it makes the simplest method to jailbreak your fire stick.
  10. In the text field, just type the URL given below and press the download button. Now It will start the downloading of Kodi APK file. If you find that the URL is downloading older version or it is simply not working, just let me know in the comments section below.
  11. Once the download is completed, it will ask if you want to install Kodi, select Install option and Kodi will get installed on your Fire TV Stick. Congrats, the Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak is done.

Video tutorial

Installing Kodi 17.0 Krypton on Fire TV stick using Computer

Next up is the method which I think you should only use when you don’t have any other option available. That is because this is, in my opinion, the hardest way of Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak. You don’t just need to have a computer, this might not work in every wi-fi network.

Just for the sake of saving your time, I will try to reduce my rambling and stay to the point. Let’s start the installation. Just make sure that your computer and Fire TV is on the same network.

  1. Turn ON your Amazon Fire TV Stick and make sure that you are connected to the internet. Now you will need to go to Settings of your device.
  2. Navigate to System and select it.
  3. Now scroll down and select Developers Options.
  4. Here you have to Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Look at the image below for reference.Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak
  5. You will also need to go to Settings > System > About and note down the IP Address of your Amazon Fire TV device.Amazon Fire tv stick jailbreak 2017
  6. Now download ADBLink on your Computer and you will also need to download APK file of Kodi on your computer. You can click here and it will take you to the downloads page.
    Download kodi on amazon fire tv sick without computer
    Kodi APK file


    jailbreak new fire stick without computer


  7. Once you have both the files downloaded, open the ADBLink exe file and install it on your computer. I will not take you through the installation process because it varies a lot between Windows and Mac.
  8. Open ADB Link program on your computer and Select “New” button.
  9. Device Setup window will open up, here you will need to write anything inside the “Description” box and Enter the IP address of your Amazon Fire TV stick as you noted in step fire tv stick jailbreak easiest method
  10. Once done, Click the Save button. Now you just need to click the “Connect” button and if everything goes right, you should be able to see a device in the “Connected devices” section.
  11. If you have the device detected by your PC, Click the “Install APK” button. Next, select the Kodi APK file and click “Open.”
  12. That is it, your computer will start installing kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick and in a couple of minutes you will be able to find it inside the Settings > Applications section on your TV.

That is it for this in-depth tutorial on the topic of Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak. I hope that you were successfully able to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stick with all the “Easy” methods given above. If yes then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers on twitter and Facebook. Make sure to follow us on twitter to stay up to date with all the latest tricks and tutorials.

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  1. Hi thanks for all the above however I tried using the downloader app but it won’t,t download any fix available

    1. It should download the apk file completely fine. There must have been an update to the app or the site. Will try to fix the problem asap.

      1. i did what I was old to do and it says preparing for first run and then shows blank screen

        1. You will need to download fresh copy of the apk file from

  2. Kodi APK download not working. 🙁

  3. Carlos Danger says:

    Downloaded link inop

  4. Kodi APK link doesn’t work

  5. Hello. I used the ES to download Kodi 17 to my firestick. I already had kodi 16.1 on it. after it downloaded it. I installed it and opened kodi. Krypton came up and then went black. Then it went to the firestick home screen. Can you help?

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I have fixed the links.

  6. FaCiaLinSeRtiOn says:

    Well I guess you haven’t fixed it.

  7. Hi Steve.
    I installed Kodi onto my fire stick and it said that it downloaded ok.
    When I chose run it starts shows th logo and then kicks back to the kodi down load screen.
    I tried this about 6times with the same result.
    Please help

  8. Seemed to work steve O.

  9. Followed instructions for the firestick. Now Kodi doesn’t work at all. Can anyone advise even how to get back to the 16 version. It gives me a black screen then takes me back to the home screen. So frustrating!

  10. Downloaded link isn’t working

  11. Amazon will not let me download “Downloader”. They say it’s because of my location! Is there somewhere else I can get this apk?

  12. Trying to jailbreak my fire stick through my fire stick your comment says type in URL listed below. I do not see it. Using my firestick hooked to my tv and just got the downloaded loaded

  13. Hi am am trying use the URL on downloaded but it’s not working

  14. I downloaded kodi krypton on my firestick it runs like it is going to open, but it doesn’t my TV goes black. Can you please help me.

  15. Fire Starter says:

    Just unplug the power and reboot and make sure adb debugging is turnrs on under settings -device -devloper options- make sure bothoptions on turned on and selct yes when u see the pop up

  16. I tried from phone and I stick to update my old kodi to the 17 none of them are working. What’s going on?

  17. Hello, I have been using a 2nd gen firestick that I ordered pre-loaded with Kodi. It has been working fine. Tonight, I received a message saying that I am using Kodi version 16.1 and that version 17.1 is available and should be updated. When I try to download ES File Explorer or Downloader apps from appstore, it keeps saying it can’t verify my 1-click billing address. I have double checked everything at amazon and it is fine. Is it because the person that sold me the firestick has it configured to their amazon account? I searched online for instructions to update Kodi, but I can’t get the apps needed for downloading the update to my firestick.

    Please help me. Thank you very much.

    1. It could be because of the person who sold you the firestick has configured his amazon account on the device. I think you should check it in the settings on your fire stick.

  18. Hello. I have recently purchased a new firestick. It is plugged into an older insignia tv. It does have 2 hdmi ports. I plugged it into the second as the first runs my ATT. Now, I can get the firestick to work but, I have downloaded kodi 17.1, when I goto the app the screen flicks in and out every minute. Is my tv too old for these things? I have used my Netflix and that works fine. After I leave kodi and go back to the home screen my whole tv seems to lag. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not tech savvy! Thanks!

    1. Your TV should not have any issue showing Kodi. Can you confirm if everything else works fine on your Fire TV stick and only Kodi flicks? If that is the case then you will need to reinstall Kodi.

  19. Yup. Everything else works fine. Uninstalled kodi and then reinstalled from the kodi main page. Same exact problem. Then when I exit to home screen I have lag. I lowered my screen resolution but then the playback is choppy. Any other ideas?

  20. Hi, i installed the new kodi and exodus today. I tried to use exodus and could not get past the first options page. Any ideas? Also any sugestions of other choices as good as exodus would be apreciated.

  21. Downloaded app2fire and kodi and installed as shown for Android phone. Message says installation failed, upload successful, pkg: /sdcard/Download/base.apk, Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS] . Any fix for this?

  22. Instead of using the “home” option in the downloader app, just use the browser within the app and type the link found in the article this seems to work whereas the downloader url option does not for whatever reason.

  23. I keep getting an error stating could not parse.

  24. Nothing I have tried seems to work. I had an older style fire stick with kodi 16.1 on it. I wanted kodi 17 so I tried the update. It didn’t work at first so I kept trying. The interface changed to the new style but the install would not work. Now, I can install Kodi but it doesn’t open and reverts back to the initial amazon firestick menu. I have cleared cache and memory, have un-installed and re-installed with no luck. I have also tried to use a pc for the install. I so frustrated. Please help.

    1. Unfortunately the Krypton 17 version of Kodi doesn’t work on 32-bit devices, I think this is the reason why it is not working on your end. The best thing to do is to upgrade to a newer device or stick to the 16.1 Jarvis Kodi.

  25. How do I know what version Krypton to install on my amazon firestick?

    1. If you have old FireStick then you will need to install 32 bit version and if you have new FireStick with Alexa voice then 64 but version is what you need.

  26. Hi there I’ve tried the two easyest methods with no luck on the tv it says can’t access browser and in the phone it gives this,
    Installation failed:
    [Upload successful,
    [Install _failure_no_matching_abis]]

    1. The error which you are mentioning in your comment is because of difference in architecture. Which means is that Either you have the New Amazon FireStick with Alexa Voice Remote (Which has 64-bit Armv8 architecture) and You are trying to install a 32-bit Amrv7 APK file or vice-versa. To fix this error, you will need to download the compatible APK file from this page.

  27. Kodi downloaded but can’t access movies or tv… previous version came with Exodus add on. How do I load safe add ons?

  28. Brandon Crouse says:

    I’ve followed the directions and installed perfectly only when I go to access the app on the app page I hear the sound of the app starting up but the picture stays black. Any suggestions? Need help please!!!!!

  29. Derek Rosado, says:

    its not working the old way, going outof my mind

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