Mobdro Alternatives: Best Android apps to watch free IPTV streams

Watching Live TV channels that are not available on your TV can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you want to watch that NBA game or UFC fight, and there is no TV provider in your area, providing that channel. Luckily, there is a workaround to that, and that is watching Live IPTV streams on your smartphone. It is not as good of an experience as a TV, but it is an entirely viable solution. Today I will tell you about Mobdro Live TV app and will also tell you some of Mobdro alternatives so you can watch any TV channel on your Android phone without worrying about missing your favorite show.

Let’s first talk about Mobdro and how it works.

Mobdro alternatives 2017

Mobdro is a freemium app that you can download and install on your Android phone, and it provides you a lot of links to Live TV channels. Other than that, it also lets you watch any movie or TV show from their vast collection. You can search for whatever content you want to watch, and it starts to play just like that.

Ads support the free version of Mobdro but if you want to get an entirely ad-free experience, you can signup for their premium version for 2.99 Euro/year. That is a lot cheaper than your cable service.

The Quality of streams is quite good, and a lot of channels are HD at a minimum. Offering Live TV channels and movies for free, Mobdro is of course not available in the Google PlayStore, and you need to download its APK file using the link given below. You might also want to look into a VPN solution if you don’t want to get caught in a Copyright infringement charge.

Mobdro Alternatives: Watch free movies and live tv on Android

Mobdro Alternatives:

I have found a couple of apps that provide similar functionality, but I have to say that Mobdro is by far the best Live TV app you will find for Android. If for any reason you are not able to install it on your Android device, you should contact the developers and they will help you out. Anyways, here are some of the alternatives to Mobdro that you might find useful.

Live NetTV

First up is an app called Live NetTV. This app is mainly focused on Indo-Pak TV Channels, but there are some Turkish, Arabic, UK, US and Persian channels available. The stream quality is decent, and you can enjoy the content without any eyestrain.

If you are looking for Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Persian or Turkish channels, then I would say that this app is a better Mobdro alternative as it has more of these channels than Mobdro. Another cool thing about Live NetTV is that it provides a separate version of APK file for Amazon devices like FireStick and TV boxes. This gives you peace of mind that you don’t necessarily have to be constantly hooked with your phone. You can install it on your TV and enjoy your favorite content over there.

Mobdro Alternatives: Live NetTV

Swift Stream

Next up in the list is Swift Stream. This app is just a tad bit different regarding channels than Live NetTV in my opinion. Swift stream has a very limited number of USA and UK TV channels but if you are more into Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Afghani and Arabic content, this is your app.

There is no paid version available for Swift Stream app, and the free version is supported by annoying ads. The content quality is good, and you can enjoy a lot of streams without any problems.

To download Swift Stream APK file, you will need to visit their official web page as this app is also not available on Google Play store like other apps.

Mobdro Alternatives: Swift Stream APK

Kodi: The Best Mobdro Alternative

This is the best alternative to Mobdro that you can find for your entertainment needs. Unlike a lot of the mentioned apps, Kodi works on almost every Operating System. You can get it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple TV or even Raspberry Pi. Kodi is just a platform that provides an environment for different add-ons to run. You can install an unlimited amount of Addons that provide you high definition TV channels, Movies, TV shows and what not. All of that without spending a dime.

The only thing that is not as good as the competition in Kodi is the user experience. Where other apps are a simple install with 1 click play, Kodi is a lot more complex than that. You have to follow a bunch of steps to install add-ons inside Kodi, and then you get a somewhat smooth experience.

For example, installing Kodi on the iPhone is also another tutorial. Just to make your work easier, I have done a post that you can go through to get some of the best add-ons installed on Kodi.

Mobdro Alternatives: Kodi

HD Streamz

If you looking for an Android APK that allows you to watch live IPTV channels in HD from every country, HD Streamz is the app you want to get. This app not only gives love IPTV channels, it also has a lot more focus on the Live Sports side. This means that it doesn’t matter which sports event is happening, you can find 1-click HD live streams from HD Streamz.

The installation process is very simple, just download the APK file from the link given below & install it just like any 3rd party app.

Mobdro Alternatives: KodiLIVE TV

I have found another APK which is just released and it has all the famous IPTV Channels that you would ever need. I honestly think that this APK should be good enough to cut the cord. Obviously, you will need to have a decent internet connection speed to enjoy uninterrupted Live IPTV Streaming.

You can download the APK file from the link given below and the installation is just like any other APK file.

Mobdro Alternatives: Kodi

That is it for this quick post, If you have some other apps that you think can be taken as a Mobdro alternative then make sure to drop that in the comment section below. If you found this article helpful then make sure to share it with others and follow us on twitter for more updates.

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