VidMate Original APK 2019

VidMate Original APK Download – Best Free Video Downloader for Android

VidMate is the best video downloader app available for Android. It was available in the Google Play Store but for some reason it got taken down. If you are looking for the Original VidMate APK file download then look no further, because today I will show you how you can download Vidmate Original APK on your Android phone. So you can easily download whichever video you like.

VidMate Original APK Download – Best Free Video Downloader for Android

VidMate Original APK 2019


Before we start, I want to give you a quick disclaimer. VidMate is a Video Downloader app which can be used for both good and bad purposes. If you are planning to use VidMate for Downloading Free Music and for Piracy, then I am warning you. This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Piracy is a very serious crime and you can land yourself in some big trouble for it. Neither I, nor take any responsibility for your actions. And you are the sole responsible for your actions.

Features of VidMate APK

Honestly, VidMate only does one thing and is does that very well. And that is Video Downloading. Doesn’t matter which platform you are downloading the video from, VidMate can download it for you without problem.

High Speed Download

VidMate has got a built in Download Manager, so you don’t have to manage them. Even if you have a slow Internet connection, you will find that VidMate APK is downloading the videos at a reasonably high speeds. To further explain this feature, let me give you an example. Let say you have got a very slow 4mbps download speed. VidMate is downloading the videos at the max download speed so you will be able to play them as soon as possible.

Supports all Multi-Media Sites

Just like I said earlier, VidMate does one thing and it does that very well. You can say that it is the best Video Downloader app for your Android phone. So it doesn’t matter if you want to download a video from Tumblr, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo or any other site. It got you covered.

Virus & Malware Safe

A lot of the times you will find Video Downloaders that are filled with Viruses, Malwares and Adwares. Some apps are fake and even filled with surveys. This version of VidMate is Original. This means that it does not have any code that is later added to it. The APK is original.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is root Required?

No. This VidMate APK works just like any other app from the Play Store. The only difference is that you are getting it from the Internet, and not from the Google Play Store. Apps that require root, without any reason for it, are always viruses and they can damage your phone.

Is VidMate available for iPhone/iOS?

Unfortunately, VidMate is not available for iOS and you can only get it for Android phone. But don’t worry, I will be covering some iPhone apps for Video Downloading. So stay tuned.

What Version of Android does it need?

VidMate is a very light app and all you have to have is an Android device that has Android version 2.2 or above. In other words, every Android device out there is supported and you don’t need to worry about that compatibility.

Download VidMate Original APK Latest

How to Install VidMate Original APK on Android phone?

  1. First of all, open settings and navigate to the Security > Device Management > Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Now go back to the browser and download the VidMate APK from the link given above.
  3. Once the download it complete, you will get an option to open it. Press open and the installer should now open.
  4. If you see Blocked by Play Protect, just click Install Anyway.
  5. Now press Install and let the installation complete.
  6. Once done, press Open and you will be able to use the VidMate Video Downloader on your Android phone without any issues.

That’s it for this quick tutorial on how to install VidMate Original APK on Android phone. If you liked this tutorial and found it to be helpful then make sure to share it with others and also don’t forget to follow us on twitter for more updates like this.

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