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How To Find Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps with a unique twist. I guess most of you already know what snapchat is, however in case you are dwelling in the stone age, here’s a little review. Snapchat is a picture & video sending/receiving app for android and ios. It let you send interesting, feature riched snaps and videos to your friends. I’ll discuss more about it later in this post, but the reason why I am writing this post is to answer the question How To Find Friends on Snapchat.

Well that’s not a big deal:

Fortunately, there are many ways to add people as friends on snapchat. Also, some third-party websites allow you to look for snapchat friends.

Today I’ll list all of the methods that are working practically for me. I never make a guide before trying it by myself. So if you were looking for a legit guide, then you’re at right place.

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how to find friends on snapchat


How To Find Friends on Snapchat

Before we get started, I wanted to clear one misconception of people about the snapchat that like other social media platforms(mostly) we can’t add friends in snapchat via real name or email.

So now let’s get started with the first method of our How To Find Friends on Snapchat guide.

1 – Adding friends by using their contacts on your phone

  1. Tap on the ghost icon in snapchat and in the next screen, tap on “My Friends.”
  2. In the newly opened window, tap on “Contacts.” tab.
  3. Now give access to snapchat to your contacts and it’ll take you to the final step.
  4. It’ll now show you the friends in your contact list who are using snapchat. Just tap on “+ Add” button to start adding the friends you want to.
  5. (Optional) You can scroll to the bottom to see the contacts in your phone that aren’t using snapchat so that you can invite them to use it and add you as friends directly.

2 – Add by sharing your profile URL and vice versa

With a not so recent update earlier this year, snapchat introduces the profile URL sharing feature.

Tap on the ghost icon and it’ll show you your profile. Copy the URL and share that with your people. Or your friends can share their profile URL with you so that you can add them.

3 – Use other social media platforms to give a teaser of your Snapchat activity

Give a preview of a few exciting things you’re doing, and then ask your followers on other social networks to head over to snapchat to unfold your activity. Possibly you’re going overseas, or to an amusing occasion. Either manner, posting a teaser for your Instagram fans and caption to add you on snapchat for the details can be very a hit in upping your snapchat numbers.

This approach has been tremendously beneficial for snapchat influencers, with a few Vine and Instagram stars now seeing a higher fan following on snapchat than other social media networks.

4 – Add friends by their usernames

  •  Ask or search for your friend’s username on snapchat.
  • On the main app screen, tap on ghost icon and then on ‘Add Friends’.
  • Now tap on “Add by Username” option to open the user search.
  • Now just enter the username of the friend that you wanted to add on snapchat. It’ll find that username and will show you it’s snapchat.
  • Tap on the “+ Add” button next to username so that it can be added to your list.
  • Now ask your friend to add you back so that you can start sharing the stuff on snapchat.

5 – Add friend that is in same room with you

  •  Repeat the same process of tapping on ghost icon and then on Add Friends option.
  • Now select “Add Nearby” option to detect the nearby devices.
  • Ask your friend to open the same window on his/her phone.
  • It’ll show your friends snapchat id on your screen, just tap on “+ Add” icon to add him/her on your snapchat.

6 – Add by scanning snap code

  •  Just make sure that you have taken screenshot or saved snap codes of your friends before you start.
  • Open snapchat app and tap on the ghost icon.
  • Tap on “Add Friends” and in the next screen, tap on “Add by snap code”.
  • Now select the snap code that you saved earlier. It will now add that snapchatter to your account.

7 – Add back the profiles

Step 1: Tap on ghost button on your snapchat screen.

Step 2: Now tap on “Added Me” to display the users that recently added you as friends on their side.

Step 3: Now simply tap on “+ Add” button to add those users back to increase your snapchat count.

Above method is also an answer to the often asked query how to accept friends on snapchat.

I tried to list each and every legit method above on How To Find Friends on Snapchat.

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As I said at the beginning of the article that I’ll discuss some of the best features of this fantastic social app that makes it different from others.

The feature that brings a change in traditional photos and video sharing is the deletion of personally shared images and videos. Once a picture or video comes into consideration of people, and they view it. After 10 seconds, it automatically gets deleted, leaving no strains. With this feature, it adds a very exceptional technique to picture/video sharing platform. You now not need to fear about getting your photos saved all the time on your pal’s phone as a proof of something, or intention to tease you in weird cases. Regardless of the reality that they can take a screenshot in pace, but still you’ll get notified so you would at least know about it. Overall It’s a unique feature to help stop the misuse.

It’s just a primary function of snapchat, there are also many other features, like “story” that stay live for 24 hours or being able to see what celebrities and brands are sharing. There is a lot more of other things available in snapchat so that you will simply have to dive inside the app to genuinely understand what snapchat is all about.

If you’re a beginner and just started using snapchat then I would recommend you to watch the below youtube video by BreakTheInternet.

So that is all I got from my side. I wish and hope that you’ll find these methods helpful on How To Find friends on Snapchat topic. Please don’t hesitate in sharing this article with your friends. They may found it helpful too. Furthermore keep checking out the tips and tricks space for exclusive and working guides. Happy Snapping!

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