Wifi kill – Control Wi-Fi bandwidth from your Android phone

Wi-fi is one of the most used feature in any smartphone. It allows you to surf the web, play online games with you friends and download whatever you like as long as it is legal. But sometimes you might find yourself stuck because someone else is using up all the wifi bandwidth and you are waiting for their download to finish. This can go even worse if you are using a public wifi network. Today I will show you how you can control any wifi network from your android device as long as you are connected to that wifi network.

Control bandwidth of wifi router using android phone

Before I start with the step by step guide to this wifi hack using android, I would like to tell you that root is necessary for this to work. If you dont have root then unfortunately this method might not work for you.

Disclaimer: Hacking wi-fi network or controlling wi fi network without permission of the administrator is a crime in some countries and it can get you in serious trouble. Neither I nor anyone else is responsible for your actions except you. Make sure to ask the administrator for the permissions and only proceed once you are authorized.

  1. First of all, download the Wi-Fi kill app from the link given below. The apk file allows you to kick anyone out of the wifi network. More on this in a bit.How to hack wifi android
  2. Once you hace successfully downloaded the apk file from link given above, open it inside your android phone.
  3. If you are installing an apk file for the first time, you might see a warning. Just go to Settings > Security and check mark Unknown Sources.
  4. Now install the apk file and it should get installed. Once it is installed, open wifikill app and tap on the play button. Make sure you are connected to a wifi network beforehand
  5. Wifikill will ask for root access, make sure that you grant root access to wifikill else it will not work properly.
  6. Wifikill will start to scan the wifi network and will list all the devices connected with it.
  7. Once the scanning is done, you can turn on Grab All switch and then turn on kill all. This will stop every device from using the wifi.
  8. Alternatively you can select some devices and kill them individually.

How wifikill works?

By now you might be wondering how wifikill works? Well according to the developer of wifikill, the app starts a service which make all the other wifi devices think that your android is the wifi router and it will make every device connect to the wifi router through your android phone.

Doing this allows you to control the bandwidth and connection of every wifi device.

wifikill pcap_loop failed:

Okay, before you start shouting and complaining that wifikill is not working and all that. I would like to tell you that the app does not come with any warranty. Wifikill should work in most instances but in some android device, it will show an error of pcap_loop failed.

For me it worked in 1 device and didn’t in another device.

Video Tutorial:


Wifikill app is developed by XDA-developers forum member called “bponury” and all the credits and copyrights belong to him. We are just sharing and appreciating his work.

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