whatsapp hacked version without jailbreak iPhone watusi

WhatsApp hacked version without Jailbreak on iPhone using WhatsApp++

WhatsApp is the most widely used and one of if not the best instant messaging app. I admit that iMessage is the best way to communicate in the US but not everyone has iPhone and what about people outside the US? Today I will guide you to install WhatsApp++ hacked version on iPhone without Jailbreak. We will install both Watusi and WhatsApp++

First of all I will show you all the cool features of Watusi and WhatsApp++ and then I will show you multiple ways to install them on your iPhone running iOS 9, 10 or above.

Features of WhatsApp++ hacked version using Watusi and Whatsapp++

Even though both of these versions are different, the additional features are actually quite similar. That is why I thought why not combine this section of the tutorial for both of these hacks. I will mention which of the feature is exclusive to which app so there should not be able confusion.

Stealth mode: Hide Status

whatsapp hacked version iPhone without jailbreak without computer

With these hacked versions of WhatsApp installed on your iPhone, you can hide your status. No one will see if you are online or not. And this feature also includes the ability to hide the Blue Tick. Which means you can now read the messages and the sender will not know about it.

With WhatsApp++ you can individually choose the contacts, you want to show read receipts to. You can even disable the Delivered receipts which mean the sender will only see 1 Tick mark.

Send unlimited files

Did you ever want to send more than 10 images, videos or any other type of file at once? WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send more than 10 files at once but now you can. With the help of these WhatsApp++ Hacked versions, you can now send an unlimited number of files at once, be it 10 or 100.

Send audio with just 1 tap

One of the most annoying things about WhatsApp is that you have to hold down the microphone icon to record an audio message. If you download any of the following Whatsapp hacks, you will only need to tap the button once. No need to hold the button to record an audio message.

Touch ID protection

whatsapp hack iPhone without jailbreak

Do you have private conversations in your WhatsApp and you wish to password protect it? Well, now with the help of WhatsApp++ and Watusi, you can protect your WhatsApp with Touch ID and passcode as well.

Watusi even allows you to protect individual conversations with a passcode.


whatsapp hacekd version: whatsapp++ watusi without jailbreak

WhatsApp++ as well as Watusi allow you to customize everything to your liking. You can change the UI colors and make it your own. Want to change the text color or background color? No problem with these WhatsApp Hacked versions.

How to install Whatsapp++ and Watusi without jailbreak on iPhone?

  1. First of all, go to Settings > Safari and Clear browser history. Somtimes you get the error “Unable to download”, this will help you fix that.
  2. Now you need to choose betweek Whatsapp++ and Watusi. Both are great hacks for Whatsapp but I tend to lean towards Watusi cause it gives you more control over all of it’s feature. You can install both and then choose for yourself. To install, tap on the respective icons given below. Make sure you are on your iPhone and in Safari browser while you tap on the icons.install whatsapp hacked version watusi 2 without jailbreak on iphone
    whatsapp hack iPhone without jailbreak without computer
  3. Safari will ask if you want to install the hack or not. Tap on “Install” option and go back to the home screen. Within a couple of minutes, you will see the app icon there.
  4. Last step is to go to Settings > General > Profiles and trust the developer profile associated with the app you installed. If you installed both, most probably there will be only one developer profile for both.whatsapp++ hacked version watusi ios 9/10 no jailbreak no computer

Install Whatsapp++ and Watusi using IPA file

Just in case if you are here only to download the IPA file for Whatsapp++ or Watusi, feel free to scroll down to find the download link given below. If the above-mentioned method stops working in the future, you can use this tutorial to sideload these IPA files on your iPhone without jailbreak.

watusi ipa file download whatsapp hack for iPhone without jailbreak
whatsapp++ watusi ipa file download without jailbreak

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful and you were able to download and install Whatsapp++ hacked version on your iPhone without jailbreak. If that is the case and you liked what you read then make sure to share this tutorial with your friends and followers on social media and follow us on twitter to get future updates before anyone else.

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    1. Unfortunately, Ads are the only way of generating some revenue for the efforts of the developers.

  2. Please make an option to buy the ads off. It’s useless with so many ads 🙁

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