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If you are looking for a screen recorder app for your iPhone running iOS 9, there are a bunch of cydia apps available to record iphone screen without mac. iRec is the most popular screen recorder but sadly it is not yet updated to iOS 9 and the display recorder has a whole lot of errors in it.

Best screen recorder for iPhone free

There was a screen recording app which was listed in AppStore a couple of days ago and it did screen recording very intelligently. Unfortunately Apple was quick enough to take it down from the AppStore.  The app was called Vidyo and it tricked the iOS devices by showing your device in your own iPhone AirPlay. In other words, it AirPlay your iPhone screen via AirPlay back to your iOS 9 device and then recorded the AirPlay session.

It worked very well but as Apple doesn’t want you to record your iPhone screen without a mac, they pulled it from the AppStore leaving many buyers with money in their hands. Yes the app was a paid screen recorder but you can get it for free and I will tell you how.

How to get Vidyo Screen recorder for free.

To make this method work, you need to jailbreak your iOS 9 device and if you don’t have jailbreak already then do it now cause it brings a lot of functionality to your iOS devices. In case you have cydia installed on your iPhone then follow the instructions below to get iOS 9 screen recorder for free.

Basically we are going to use AppSync and AppCake to get the screen recorder for free and if you have AppSync and AppCake installed, just search for Vidyo and it should pop right up.

In case if you don’t have AppSync and AppCake then follow the steps given below to get it.

  1. Open cydia and go to Sources and tap on Edit in top corner.
  2. Now tap on Add and put this URL in the pop up box.
  3. Once cydia is done with all the loading, tap Done and now search for AppSync and AppCake.
  4. Install both of the packages and Respring your iPhone once.
  5. After respring, Open AppCake and search for Vidyo. It should come up in the search.
  6. Simply install it like an app and you are good to go.
  7. Once installed you should see a UI like this which allows you to change a whole bunch of settings which is amazing. It works equally both on iPhone and iPad.Vidyo best screen recorder for iPhone iOS 9 irec alternative

If you have any questions or comments about this quick guide, make sure to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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