Install Spotify++ on iPhone - Unlimited Skips - No Jailbreak

Install Spotify++ on iPhone – Unlimited Skips – No Jailbreak

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app out there. You can say that it is like Netflix for music. You can find almost any artist on Spotify and it works flawlessly. But the problem is that just like most things in life, Spotify is not a free service. At least not completely free. Today I will show you how you can get Spotify++ with Unlimited skips and no ads on your iPhone without jailbreak. This means you will be able to stream as many tracks as you wish, for free, without having to jailbreak or install Cydia. And the best part is that this will work on any iPhone and you don’t need a computer. Isn’t that awesome? So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Install Spotify++ on iPhone – Unlimited Skips – No Jailbreak

Ok, First of all, open this link in Safari on your iPhone and you will come to this page.

Press the install Appcake button. This will show a popup for your permission to install the App Cake store.

Press Install on this popup.

Now the installation has started, Go back to the home screen. Here you can see the AppCake is installing. Wait for the installation to complete.

If you try to open it, you will see this message. That’s because we need to trust the app developer to use any app installed without the App Store.

Open the Settings of your iPhone.

Select the General option.

Scroll down and select “Profiles and Device Management”. It could also be called “Profiles” or “Device Management”

Find the profile which has AppCake in it. This keeps on changing, so you will need to find it by yourself, it should not be difficult because a regular user does not have a lot of profiles installed on his iPhone.

Press trust.

Press trust again.

Now we can go back to the home screen and open the AppCake app.

Click don’t allow for the notifications. You may also select allow but I found the notifications are mostly ads which nobody likes.

Select No thanks. Again, you may wish to join their discord server and stay up to date with the developer of this AppCake store. I will select No thanks.

Now tap on the verify button. There is a bunch of text showing on top of the blue verify button. Press that verify button.

Click allow.

Go back to the home screen and open the settings of your iPhone. In the main settings page, you will find this option called “Profile downloaded”. Tap on it.

Tap on install and enter your iPhone lock screen passcode.

Tap Install again. And this should complete the installation of AppCake.

Now if you open the AppCake store again, you will see a whole list of apps and games you can install. Tap on the tweaked section at the bottom bar.


Install this version of Spotify. Just in case if this version does not work for you, feel free to try the other versions as well.

Close the ad from the cross button at the top corner.

Tap on the install option.

In the downloads section, you can see the download is going on. Wait for it to complete.

Once the download is complete, you will see the app icon. In this case, it is the Spotify app icon. Tap on it.

Now tap on the install option.

Go back to the home screen. Here you can see the Spotify app has installed.

Open it and enjoy the awesome features of spotify++ for free without jailbreak.

If I show you my account, you can see it is showing as a premium subscription.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy spotify++ on your iPhone without jailbreak using this method. If you liked this tutorial then make sure to share it with others and also don’t forget to follow us on twitter for more content like this.

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