iAPCrazy for iOS 9 – Free in-app purchases in iPhone

If you are looking for a Cydia tweak to hack in-app purchases in iPhone, iAPCrazy for iOS 9 is one of the best cydia tweaks to get the job done. With the help of iAPCrazy for iOS 9, you can hack scores of games that are not working server-side, Get rid of ads and purchase in-app upgrades without paying.

How to install and use iAPCrazy for iOS 9

iAPCrazy cracks and hacks in-app purchases on your iPhone and because of this reason, you need an app which will help in installation of cracks and hacks. Actually the hacks and cracks are the app which are edited, which means they are unsigned and Apple iOS doesn’t allow you to install any app that is unsigned.

In order to get iAPCrazy for iOS 9, first of all you will need to install AppSync which signs the unsigned apps for iOS. To install AppSync, you will need to add HackYouriPhone repo in your iOS 9 device and if you don’t know the repo URL, I have pasted it below.


Just add this source in your cydia installer and then you’ll be able to search and install AppSync in iOS 9, just like any other cydia tweak. Search for AppSync in cydia and install it from HYi repo.

iapcrazy for iOS 9 hack inapp purchases

Once you hace AppSync installed in your iOS 9 device, you can continue installing iAPCrazy. iAPCrazy for iOS 9 is a cydia tweak and you will require Jailbreak in order to get it on your iPhone. iAPCrazy is available for free on HackYouriPhone repo. Just search for iAPCrazy and install it in your iPhone. Once installed, cydia will ask you to restart your device.

After restart you’ll see iAPCrazy in Settings app. Navigate to the iAPCrazy option in Settings app and enable it. Voila! Now you have successfully installed and enabled iAPCrazy for iOS 9 and it will help you hacking in-app purchases.

If you are here to hack in-app purchases of Clash of clans or some other online games, then you are out of luck, unfortunately. Cause those games are impossible to hack, unless you break into their servers.

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