How to set up night shift feature in iOS 9.3 preview

As all of you know that recently Apple has announced its new update to iOS 9. The new iOS 9.3 preview version come have some new features. The Fresh features and updates include Touch ID for Notes app, Night Shift mode, updated features for News and Health app, and a lot more. All of these latest features and updates are looking promising, but we should expect some more changes due to the fact that this version is still in Beta phase. Among all the features, Night Shift is the thing everyone is looking for. To learn effectively that How to set up night shift feature in iOS 9.3 preview, we have prepared a small guide for iphone and ipad users running this new update.

How to set up night shift feature in iOS 9.3 preview

Enable night shift mode

  1. Launch the Settings app and then go to Display &Brightness.
  2. Simply toggle ON “Blue Light Reduction” to enable Night Shift mode.
  3. After it, simply adjust the slider right below it to establish your iPhone screen Cooler or Warmer dependent on your wish.
    how to set up night shift feature in ios 9.3 preview

Disable night shift mode

In order to disable it, simply go to Settings > Tap on Display & Brightness > Toggle Off Blue Light Reduction.


If you want to schedule this process. Then simply follow our bonus guide below to schedule night shift mode in iOS 9.3 preview.

Scheduling night shift mode

  1. As we did above, open settings app then navigate to Display & Brightness.
  2. Tap “Schedule” under the Blue Light Reduction section.
  3. You can set up Schedule as ‘Off’, ‘From Sunset to Sunrise’ or ‘Custom Schedule’ by entering a specific time range.
    how to use night shift mode in ios 9.3 preview

That’s it. Now there’s no need to do any other settings. Night Shift mode will automatically set your screen accordingly with the given timetable.

This was our How to set up night shift feature in iOS 9.3 preview guide. In case you are yet to receive iOS 9.3 update on your iphone or ipad , bookmark this post for future. And keep visiting Revkid for more guides on iDevices. Let us know your valuable feedback by commenting below or you can connect to us by visiting our social accounts.

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